Jum Agee

Back row: Jum agee who was Meera Baksh’s second wife. Shakira’s father was Rozim Baksh. Meera Baksh on the left is Abdul Gaphur’s brother. They are sitting next to each other.
Middle/front row:Rasheed, Ashraf (Taj ‘s son) on his father’s lap. Razack is held by Meera Baksh.Azeez is held by Abdul Gaphur. Hazra is held by Betty and Farouk stands next to Betty.
Ameena (Soda) and Azeez lived next to Sharifan and Budya on adjoining lots in 3rd St Windsor Forest.Soda and Azeez children were: Zaiboon, Azimoon, Narima, Afzal, Shameer and Fazil most of whom live in Canada.Sharifan (Betty) and Budya’s children were Shirool, Meena, Karima, Shaffiah, Halima, Fazie and Hafeez. Some live in England and others in Canada. Hazra, Razack and Azeez are Betty’s children from her first marriage to Amin from Wakenaam. He died, and then she married Nazarally (Taj) who had three children from a previous marriage. Taj and Shafiran (Betty) had many children. Soda (Ameena) and Sharifan were married to brothers Azeez and Budya. Their sister Jumrattan was married to Rustum all 3 marriages on the same day.Azeez, Budya and Jumrattan are from Windsor Forest.

Ms Shadick

University of Guyana, Pro-Chancellor during graduation of 2016

Bibi Safora

Ms Shadick speaking in Guyana’s Parliament


Bibi Safora’s cousin, Hazra Sheikh, nee Hack, far left at the back row, studied nursing in the United Kingdom around 1956

Brazil President

Receiving the President of Brazil to Guyana, Lula Da Silva when she was a minister in the government

Miriam Amma

Ms Shadick’s mother, Miriam Amma was present when her daughter was accepted to the Bar in 1998.

President Irfan with parents

Begum Bibi Shariman, mother of President of Guyana Irfan Ali (standing right of her), another son Mohamed Aqtar Ali is standing to her left, her husband Mohamed Osman Ali is standing to right.