Miriam Amma

Ms Shadick’s mother, Miriam Amma was present when her daughter was accepted to the Bar in 1998.

President Irfan with parents

Begum Bibi Shariman, mother of President of Guyana Irfan Ali (standing right of her), another son Mohamed Aqtar Ali is standing to her left, her husband Mohamed Osman Ali is standing to right.


Picture of original nazm composed by Ustaad on the departure of M.A.H Isphahani, Pakistan’s first Ambassador to the USA, at the culmination of his visit to Guyana in 1948


Ustaad (b 1904 – d 1965) on the sidelines looking on while resting his legs


Radio Demerara Program. Standing: left to right, Moulvi Hukumdar, Brothers Sabit Ali Khan, Ala Baksh, Haji S.M. Shakoor, MBE, Haji
S.M.Zakir, Mr. Abdool Majeed (at microphone), Haji Ghulam Abbas, Ustaad, and Moulvi Naseer Ahmad Khan.


Interfaith Remembrance Day Ceremony. Standing: left to right: at microphone, Minister Balram Singh Rai, Governor Sir Ralph Grey (in
white). Standing at the other microphone is Ustaad. c1960


Standing: left to right, a Brother, Mr. Abdool Majeed, a Brother, Mr. Samad Shakoor, Haji Ramzan, Abdool Ghanie, a Brother, Moulana Ansari, Mr.
Yacoob Ally, Mr. Moneer A. Khan, Mr. A. D. Hack, and Haji S. M. Shakoor, MBE. c1960


President Irfaan Ali addressing the national community