Managing Your Mental Health In A Pandemic

Mental Health

Given our current circumstances and the efforts undertaken by everyone to curb the spread of COVID-19 infections, we also need to take necessary precautions regarding our Mental Health. The following may help to navigate some of the challenges caused by quarantine, ‘social distancing’ and isolation which could possibly lead to: Anxiety,  Worry, Loneliness, Depression, Withdrawal, Insecurity, Despair, Fear, etc.

General and Faith-Based Tips:

  • Develop a day-to-day routine of activities with a balance between physical, intellectual and spiritual
  • Seek solace, peace, hope and tranquility in daily Qur’anic recitations,
    supplications (dua’s), phrases of remembrance of God (adhkar) [including salawat upon the Messenger of God (pbuh)], especially those that have been recommended for these times
  • Read a recommended book on the Life of the Messenger of God (pbuh) to re-connect with him
  • Put aside some time to listen to poetry being rendered about God and His Messenger (pbuh); YouTube is a great resource and these are available in multiple languages
  • Reduce the amount of time spent to listen/view/follow COVID-19 news since this will more than likely lead to more worry and anxiety
  • Develop a new skill that you would enjoy and find beneficial – for the elderly maybe a craft that would also help to take the focus away from their sources of worry
  • Those online lectures that you have been postponing to view and books that you wanted to read, now may be an excellent time to complete these; however, avoid those regarding topics related to ‘Doomsday’
  • If there is a home-based project that you have been delaying, now might be a good time to get that done
  • Have a regular routine of calling a few family members or friends daily not only to inquire about their well-being (especially of the elderly), but also to find a replacement in the absence of close physical interaction and being in isolation; however, keep the conversations positive
  • Set aside a few minutes each day for some form of physical exercise even if it is simply walking indoors, climbing a few stairs or if safe and possible, walking outdoors preferably since the fresh air would also be beneficial
  • Use the time to bond with family members – more constructive conversations, play interesting and fun board games and the like
  • For those not working from home on their regular jobs, you may want to consider some form of online volunteering with a non-profit organization
  • With families now spending entire days in close proximity, extreme caution must be taken to subdue anger or frustrations towards one another; one of the concerns expressed by professionals is the potential increase in cases of domestic violence and child abuse
  • If there is a grave concern that the situation is becoming unmanageable, then you should certainly reach out to a professional mental health provider