Soul Talk

Never doubt the possibility of a better tomorrow.

Nature teaches us that though the trees are stripped of leaves in the Fall, and the green foliage becomes a carpet for the forest floor, your winter of distress will be followed by a spring of rebirth.

Have faith in God, and harbour good thoughts about His love and mercy. In the final analysis, there is none but He; seek refuge from Him with Him.

Know that your struggles, your hardships and difficulties are lived experiences that strengthen you and that others may benefit from. This perspective may help to lessen the burden.

Today may seem insurmountable; let the hope of tomorrow carry you over the rugged terrain.

Your heart is the answer to all mysteries. Nurture it. Your soul is God’s gift to you. Cherish it.

Just as the morning sun dispels the darkness, the light of faith in your heart will shine through and illuminate your soul.

Dispel dark thoughts that hover around your soul, seeking a means to sow doubt and distress.
Repel them with words of remembrance, praise and of gratitude. And seek knowledge that will help you to differentiate good from evil, truth from falsehood.

Develop a habit of repentance; it will open doors of opportunity for you and will adorn you with the cloak of humility.

Never be content with your level of worship; self-righteousness is a weapon of the devil; he seeks to make you complacent while your soul yearns for constancy.

Patience is the bedrock of your faith. It rewards the practitioner with unimaginable strength and helps him to stand the vicissitudes of time. 

Practice charity, but not with haughtiness or arrogance. The wealth you give is not yours to begin with – only a trust in your hands and a right of the impoverished. Fulfil the trust, even if in small ways. If you are yourself impoverished, remember even a smile can be charity. Keep smiling!

Delight in the small joys of life, and with an observant eye marvel at the natural world around you: squirrels chasing one another; a baby’s first smile; a woodpecker so intent on its task; a raindrop lingering on a fallen leaf – let the natural world lead you into a state of awe and gratitude.

Neither you nor I are beyond error and reproach. Correction is good for the soul – accept it with grace and seek to rectify yourself before it’s too late.

May God Almighty fulfil your dreams, lighten your burdens, illuminate your soul and grant you eternal bliss.