Muslims of TT Relief Mission Assists Survivors Of Indonesia Earthquake

Indonesia EarthquakeFood stock for hamper preparation

Muslims of TT humanitarian mission arrived and distributed relief supplies to Indonesians affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami.  Imitiaz Mohammed, mission leader, filed this report.

“We started our day with a visit to the Palu port. Just making sure all hampers and rice were being loaded for our distribution later today.  Being satisfied everything was organized for the distribution, we proceeded to Donggala to launch MOTT / ACT (Aksi Depat Tanggap – Care for Humanity NGO) medical camp.

We presented some medicine to the Doctor in charge on behalf of MOTT and all of Trinidad and Tobago. ACT has nine medical teams operating in Donggala only daily. The medical team is made up of doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacist, and other volunteers. Approximately 100 patients were attended to today. The medical team were all youths and they worked very hard to deliver professional medical care. May Allah bless them for their services to their community and country. Ameen!  You will some pics with the team.

We left the medical camp at 2 pm to do our food distribution a few minutes away. This food distribution was to facilitate 250 families who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami. After some initial confusion with the onsite planning of this activity, we finally got the distribution going. 

Manwar Ali commented that during the earthquake the ground liquefied we “visited areas where people and homes are buried, and equipment can’t go there to assist (as the) area (is) still soft and has water. A whole village with 3000 buried and another 2000 buried.”

The families are very poor and mostly Muslims. Having suffered so much loss in the earthquake and tsunami, they expressed their gratitude and blessings to all who made this possible. 

The people of Indonesia are strong and have a high level of iman (faith) despite the many trials they have gone through for decades.  May Allah make it easy for them and give them all success in this life and the hereafter. Ameen!

We will visit 2 other camps with people displaced by the earthquake and tsunami. We have food distribution schedule for both camps. We expect to distribute a total of 500 hampers tomorrow to 500 families in the camps.”


We have started our journey home and is presently in Makassar having left Palu this evening (Thursday, Oct 18th, 2018). Makassar is a city in Sulawesi island, Indonesia.  

This morning (Thursday) we completed the third and final food distribution in a village called Kawalli in Sigi. This village is located far in a very isolated area in Sigi. and didn’t receive any assistance. On our arrival there, we could see a sign on a wood structure written the word “help”. The residents were given advanced notice of a plan to do a distribution for them and they were jubilant when we arrived. It was the first time I saw children so ecstatic and energized, just waiting anxiously to assist in offloading the truck. Many times I had to pull them away from the truck to avoid them being hurt while the men were offloading. Mostly women and children were present as most of the men had gone to work. Most of the residents were affected by the earthquake only.

Again like the other distributions we had done, the people expressed their deepest gratitude and appreciation through MOTT to you all.  MOTT mission in Indonesia is now completed. 

In Indonesia, MOTT has distributed food hampers to 720 families. Approximate cost US$20,000.00 plus we have contributed US$10,000.00 to the medical services and medication. 

May Allah bless you all for your contributions towards this humanitarian project. Ameen!