ASJA Girls outpaces ASJA Boys in national scholarship race

San Fernando, Trinidad: There was celebration at ASJA Girls and ASJA Boys Colleges in San Fernando, Trinidad, when it was announced that students of the schools had copped 17 of the 348 scholarships awarded on the basis of the 2011 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE). ASJA Girls out performed ASJA Boys by taking 12 while the boys took the remaining 5.

ASJA Girls won one Open and 11 Additional scholarships. Amelia K. Sookdeo (Environmental Studies) won the Open scholarship. While Additional scholarships where awarded to Christa Adolph (Science), Tahlia Ali Shah (Environmental Studies), Karina Gajadhar (Environmental Studies), Aarifa Hosein (Science), Amanda Jogie (Science), Sabrena Khan (Science), Jessica Mathura (Environmental Studies), Felisha Mohammed (Science), Sana Omardeen (Environmental Studies), Rhonda Persaud (Business Studies) and Shareeka Shah (Environmental Studies).

ASJA Boys won 5 Additional scholarships. The achievers are Aleem Ali (Science), Rajiv Budhooram (Science), Nikolai Lewis (Environmental Studies), Aqeel Mohammed (Science) and Stefan Sajusingh (Science ).

The scholars were congratulated by their peers, proud parents and teachers, they in turn all showered praises on their families, teachers and friends.

ASJA (The Anjuman Sunnatul Jamaat Association of T & T) is Trinidad’s largest Muslim organization which operates kindergarten, primary and secondary schools under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.

Twenty five Muslim students won scholarships at various other denominational or government colleges.

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