Unconditional submission

We are coming to the end of another year, and Allah  has selected to leave with us a very important lesson that centres around the family of Abraham (as).  Always remember that religious benefits of everything you do will always be dependent on your intention.  Prophet Muhammad [uwbp]  is reported to have said “actions are judged on intentions”.
Allah  has indicated to us that there are those who misrepresent religion.  For example some may pray their salaat for show.  Allah  says;

‘Just look at him, who belies the religion!’  (107:1)

Some people may appear to do good but their intention is not for the sake of Allah .  And this is really an unfortunate thinking.  Allah  has selected the event of the ritual sacrifice all through the years to teach us about perfect submission.  Can you imagine the occasion of the sacrifice that Abraham (as) had to perform?  He first thought that the most loved thing he had to sacrifice was his wealth so he sacrificed 300 camels in 3 days.  100 camels per night, but he kept getting the same dream over and over.  He then realised that the most loved thing was his son, and he did not hesitate.  We can see here that his family was prepared to live and die for Allah .  Nothing was too much to give to their Lord.  And this should be the attitude we should all strive to attain.

They did it in the spirit of submission; and we should look at this event and judge ourselves.  Are we prepared to live and die for our Lord, unconditionally?  Remember Allah  says;

‘It is not their meat nor their blood that reaches Allah.  It is your piety that reaches Him: He has thus made them subject to you, that ye may glorify Allah for His guidance to you and proclaim the good news to all who do right’.  (22:37)

Be careful when it comes to your qurbani, because sometimes we see that the intentions of some are not for the sake of Allah .  They do it for ulterior reasons.  This is not true qurbani.  Abraham (as) sacrificed 300 camels and was unconcerned with the outcome of the meat, because at that time Makkah was not largely populated.  Don’t jeopardise your qurbani (sacrifice).  Don’t look at it as just a ritual.  We are doing this to increase our taqwa.  We are doing this to earn the pleasure and love of Allah .

In the most serious situation such as the occasion of the qurbani Satan will come to contaminate your mind and your intention just as he tried with  Ishmael (as).  So seek protection against him with Allah , especially during this time.

As we make our sacrifice we should also resolve to love Allah  more, to submit to Him more, and be rigid and firm against Satan.  Believers are supposed to be those who are prepared to give everything for the sake of Allah  and reject Satan in a way that he will never want to get close to us.  Remember that just as the animal is helpless in our hands, we are also helpless in the Hands of Allah .  He can do whatever He wants.  Allah  is As Samad.  One of the possible meanings of this is that He is above all physical laws and that no one can question His Authority.  We cannot question the Wisdom of Allah .  We must also understand that nothing escapes His knowledge or Attention.  Every single thing is in His Knowledge and Divine Presence.

May Allah  permit us to have a blessed, enjoyable sacrifice and may He accept all our efforts and may He cause us to rise with the righteous, insha Allah.

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