The chronology of Islam in America and in the Caribbean

  • 1492 African Muslims from Granada and Guinea landed in the New World with Columbus 1500-Berbers , Wolofs and Mandingoes sold as slaves in Mexico.

  • 1503-Spanish report runaway slaves/Maroons spreading Islam among the slaves

  • 1516-17-Ferdinand ‘the Catholic’, allowed Muslims to openly worship Islam in the New World.

  • 1518-Ferdinand was relieved of his duties by Cardinal Cisnetes, because he allowed “Hebrews and Muslims” to openly hold their rites.

  • 1518-African Muslims and non -Muslims begin to form Maroon communities in Haiti.

  • 1532-Wolof Muslims lead slave rebellion among Carib Indians.

  • 1532-Wolof barred from Puerto Rico for spreading jihad.

  • 1550-Spanish began to buy slaves from areas they believed were free of Muslims.

  • 1500’s- Luis Solan a mulato and Lepe de la Pen, a Moor from Guadalajua were convicted of spreading Islam in Cuzco.

  • 1533-Spanish ban Wolof in West Indies.

  • 1537-Muslims from Africa and Spain stage a rebellion/jihad in Mexico

  • 1539-King of Spain bans the sons and grandsons of Jews and Moors burned at the stake in the West Indies and Mexico.

  • 1543-Charles V ratified the decree and ordered the expulsion of all KNOWN Muslims from New Spain.

  • 1548-Muslims maroons stage rebellion in Honduras.

  • 1565-Wolofs were ordered out of Chile for spreading Islam.

  • 1578- Muslims from Philippines are reported spreading Islam among Indians in Mexico.

  • 1578-Berbers and Moriscos (Muslims) were barred from Mexico.

  • 1578- Muslims from Granada are reported teaching Islam among Mexican Indians.

  • 1600’s Muslim slaves were being sold in Buenos Aires and Venezuela, where they are reported to have been workers in the Cocorole mines.

  • 1620-Spanish begin importing Mandigoes as slaves.

  • 1620-Spanish begin to torture Mandingo slaves because they refuse to accept Christianity.

  • 1753-1757-Machandal a Muslim maroon from Senegal leds a jihad in Haiti.

  • 1700″s- Arabi, the Muslim led Bush Blacks in Suriname.

  • 1800’s- Muslims reported living in Jamaica, Santo Domingo, Venezuela, Trinidad, Haiti, and Brazil.

  • 1814-Muslim re-captives forced to serve in Royal Navy.

  • 1811-1831-Mandingo Society actively liberates fellow Muslim slaves from bondage in Trinidad.

  • 1836- Muslim members of the 3rd West India Regiment and their families are returned to Africa by the British.

  • 1836-Supreme Imam of Trinidad Jonas Bath died

  • 1910-There were 100,000 Muslims living in Brazil.

Source: Rafael A.G. Bazan, Muslim immigration to Spanish America, Muslim World, (July,1966), pp.173-187. Winters,Clyde Ahmad, “Islam in Early North and South America”, Al-Ittihad, (November 1977a) .

 Winters,Clyde Ahmad, “Islam in Early North and South America”, Al-Ittihad, (November 1977a) .


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