Sonny Daniel

Sonny aka “mike man” of Pasea, Tunapuna, Trinidad passed away on November 7th 2009 at Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Canada.  Sonny was a multi-talented individual who demonstrated through out his life that the pursuit of excellence and community service are lifelong activities.  His nephew Barry honoured the memory of his uncle Sonny with the following:-

My Uncle Sonny Daniel

I stand here today to pay tribute to my uncle Sonny Daniel. Born to Joseph and Haliman Daniel on July 22, 1932 in a small village on Waterloo Road Carapichaima . He was the third of four children. At the age of seven his family moved to live in Pasea, Tunapuna . From there he went to primary school and later to St. Mary’s College. On completion of his secondary education, he took the job of bus conductor for a few years and then proceeded to pursue a career in the teaching profession. He served the community as a teacher for 32 years where he made a major contribution in molding the lives of all the many children placed in his charge. The effect he had on many of his students would be long lasting and this would be evident by the fact that his past students would always approach him and speak of the effect he had on their lives.

His passion was working with PA systems and throughout Trinidad he was fondly known as the ‘mike man’ and would willingly come to anyone’s assistance at a moments notice. He always loved a good lime, ‘an informal social gathering’ and would be hailed as the one to defeat at any game of draffs.

To us his family he will always be remembered as the dedicated family man. A devoted husband and loving father, he never deprived his children of anything. His family was always his first priority. He was always there to support and provide encouragement whenever the need arose.In his latter years this devotion was transferred to his five grandchildren. Their tribute today is a testimony to the greatness and commitment of this man.

As we gather here today to bid farewell to this icon we thank God for affording us the opportunity of having him for 77 years in our lives. His memory will always have a place in our hearts. May he rest in Peace.  Sonny will be remembered as a loving and devoted husband, father and grandfather by Shaira, Sheerine, Greg, Sheereda, Zaida, Imtiaz, Fareeda, Nicholas, Melissa, Ary, Phoebe, Kaitlyn, Ahmed, Michael, Raynier and Yen.

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