Aashiq Al-Rasul donate album proceeds to orphans of Guyana

CIOG's President Fazeel Feroze (left) receiving album from Ustadh Faisal Baksh

Georgetown, Guyana: UK based nasheed band Aashiq Al-Rasul have released and dedicated a special album with a mix 11 of their popular tracks to the orphans of Guyana. The album titled “Habibullah – The Beloved of God” is licensed exclusively to the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG). All proceeds from the album goes towards CIOG’s Orphan and Vulnerable Children Fund.

Speaking to CaribbeanMuslims.com from the UK, Amran Ellahi (Founder and Creative Director of Aashiq Al-Rasul), said that “during our tour of Guyana in February we were moved by the care and concern for the orphans shown by the Guyanese”. Mr. Ellahi continued, “this tour took place during the celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be with him) who himself was an orphan. The Qur’an instructs us to take care of the needs of orphans and the Prophet has numerous sayings (hadith) which encourages us to be sensitive to the psychological and material needs of orphans. We discussed the idea with CIOG’s President Haji Fazeel Feroze who instantly warmed to the idea. In the months that followed we worked to ensure that the idea was brought to fruition. We are grateful to God for the opportunity and we ask that our friends in Guyana support this project.”

Ustadh Faisal Baksh, Chair of Aashiq Al-Rasul’s Religious Advisory Committee, handed over the album master to CIOG’s President Fazeel Feroze during a recent visit to Guyana. Haji Fazeel said that “the CIOG is pleased to collaborate with the brothers of Aashiq Al-Rasul in this wonderful project and I’m sure it will be of benefit to the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and the people of Guyana.”

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