Pioneering Haitian Imam Passed Away

Imam Ali (ra)

Masjid Fatiha

March 8th, 2023: Imam Bilal Doxa reported the death of Imam Ali (Marc Pierre Dubuisson) of the Masjid Al Fatiha. Imam Ali was a Haitian Muslim pioneer who led the revival of Islam in Haiti. Imam Bilal said that he was “the first one to give dawah (invitation to Islam) in Haiti and the oldest imam of the country when he passed away”.  Ali was a Pastor until he converted to Islam in Canada in the year 1985. He returned to Haiti in 1986 to begin the call people to Islam; no one knew about Islam in this land; Alhamdulillah (All Praise to God), from 1986 to 2023, the number of Muslims in Haiti increased significantly, and today we have over 25 Mosques in Haiti. All begin with Imam Ali   The Muslim community in Haiti lost a very important person   Ya Allah; please give our dear Imam Ali paradise. Grant him the highest degree of paradise, forgive his shortcomings and erase all his sins.