“This Government will ensure that there is social justice” Guyana’s President Ali

Queenstown Masjid (photo: Ismail Eddegdag)

President Irfaan Ali

President of Guyana, Dr Irfaan Ali, in a short address to the worshipers assembled at the Queenstown Masjid, Georgetown, Guyana, for Jummah (Friday congregational prayer), pledged his government will uphold the principles of social justice. He reminded those present that social justice is a key teaching of Islam. “Social justice may be broadly understood as the fair and compassionate distribution of the fruits of economic growth.” [United Nations]. Dr Ali emphasized that he would be guided by the values and virtues of faith and family traditions with which he was raised. You can read the unofficial text of his brief comments below.

“Respected Shaykh, respected leaders, respected elders, brothers and sisters in Islam,

As Salaam Wa Alaikum

First of all,  please accept my personal thanks, my family’s thanks, and the new government thanks, for all you would have done and for your support not only for myself and the elected members of government, the government itself, to ensure that our country remains free, democratic and uphold the principles and values of a free nation, one nation in the end.

Queenstown Masjid (original structure built in 1895), Georgetown, Guyana

We have a responsibility as Muslims according to Islam, to ensure that we stand up against injustice, we stand up against oppression and that we stand up whenever people’s life is affected.

Social justice is an important aspect of Islam and this Government will ensure that there is social justice where all people are treated equally and where the resources of government are used in a way to uplift the life of every single person especially in a country like ours that is diverse religiously and ethnically.

We have a great responsibility and I am aware of the even greater responsibility I have as a Muslim who is striving not only for success in this life, but for success in the hereafter and the importance of adhering to the tenets of Islam.  And I assure you that I will work hard everyday, I assure you that I will work in a way that will bring respect to the Muslim community. I will work in a way that will respect the values I grew up with and in a way in which all of you and your families can stand tall and proud.”