Purifying your character

Allah  revealed in the Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) ;

Say: “I am but a man like yourselves, (but) the inspiration has come to me, that your Allah is one Allah…..
(Chapter 18, verse 110)

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was a human being, in that he performed all the normal human activities (eat, sleep and work, etc).  In this respect he is human.  Some of the people at that time was expecting a different creature to be their Prophet.  Someone who had a miraculous birth like Jesus (as).  They were surprised to find such a ‘simple’ man sent to them to preach about the Oneness of God.

In order to properly understand this lesson we must first draw reference to the iron ore that is extracted from the earth.  This basic metal goes through a series of refining processes that enables it to be transformed into various materials such as steel, wire, etc.  The same iron ore but the different processes enable it to take on a completely different shape and construct; it can even glow like the filament in a bulb.

The human body is the basic material and Allah  has infused in it a non-basic material which is the soul.  Just as the wire in the bulb glows, so too, we believers must cause our personalities to become an embodiment of light.

Even at a very young age the Prophet  ﷺ was so refined that on a couple of occasions the light of his personality was seen by others.  On one occasion  Aisha (ra) swore by Allah  that when she looked at the Prophet  ﷺ he was brighter than the full moon.  He was so refined that his ‘light’ was visible to others.

Yes Prophet Muhammad  ﷺ was a human being, but he has shown us that it is possible for this simple human to become so refined that the character becomes an embodiment of light.  One of the blessings of Allah  is that He has enabled mankind, this insignificant piece of mud to grow and become refined and He has bestowed upon us the capacity to recite His Holy Words and  engage in acts of worship that His angels also perform.

Let us therefore use the trials and tribulations that are presented to us to refine our personalities, just as our beloved Prophet  did.  Put your faith and trust in Allah  and Insha Allah (God willing) He will take care of our affairs.

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