Muslims: help make TT a better place

Trinidad Newsday report: MUSLIMS must find ways to make this country a better place to live.

Maulana Ibrahim Abdool of Couva said so while delivering the feature address at the annual Muslim function held yesterday at the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation at the end of the period of fasting by the Muslim community.

Corporation’s Chairman, Councillor Ranjit Ramnarine Chairman [pictured on the above with CEO Louise Alexander-Perez and Dow Village Imam Khalid Mohammed] told Muslims that he hoped that the relationship among workers, and neighbours would be much better after this period of fasting.  He said, “You are not expected to do wrong and as such the Almighty would bless you.”  “Examine yourselves and ensure that you do the right thing all the time, and if you do that continuously be assured that your life would improve in the sight of God,” he stressed.

Maulana Ibrahim Abdool stressed that “no matter on which side of the Great Divide you find yourself get close to God the Almighty and always remember to be humble.”  “God will always be there with you, when you have peace within you,” he said.  He said, “We have a great and beautiful country and we must continue to pray to keep it that way.”

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