Muslim Colleges earned 29 Scholarships

September 21, 2012: Minister of Education, Dr the Honourable Tim Gopeesingh announced the awarding of 372 National Scholarships comprising 70 Open and 302 Additional Scholarships based on the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) 2012.  The ASJA High Schools earned 29 scholarships in total.  ASJA Girls’ College far outpaced the ASJA Boys’ College, the girls earned 19 scholarships whilst the boys earned 7 scholarships.  ASJA Girls College in San Fernando obtained 4 Open scholarships and 15 Additional  scholarships, ASJA Girls’s College in Charlieville got 3 Additional scholarships.  ASJA Boys’ College in San Fernando got 7 Additional scholarships.

Acting principal Cindy Khan said the school copped four Open and 15 Additional scholarships.  “It was a good spread because we had scholarships in Environmental Science, Business and Modern Languages. And it was the first time we had a scholarship in Modern Languages so we are extremely proud,” she said.   She congratulated modern languages teacher, Noreen Hosein, for her dedication and commitment.

ASJA Girls was awarded 12 scholarships last year—11 Additional and one Open.  “So we have really moved up the ladder. The teachers and pupils are very excited and exhilarated. When we got the news on Friday we called an assembly to announce it to the pupils. Everyone was happy and celebrating. We are still in a celebratory mood,” she said.

Khan said the scholarship winners were invited to address pupils at the school yesterday. “Some of the scholarship winners came in this morning to address pupils at the morning assembly. We are now on a drive to motivate pupils, especially those writing the examination next year. We are focused on perseverance and commitment,” she said.

ASJA Boys’ College Principal Alim Ali was very proud of the achievements of his students, extending congratulations to the students, teachers and parents.  Mr. Ali looks forward to improving the boys performance in the future.

The estimated annual cost for the award of all 372 national scholarships is TT $ 53.7m.  Scholarships were awarded in ten (10) subject groups which include Business, Environmental Science, Languages, Mathematics, Modern Studies/Humanities, Natural Sciences, Technical Studies, Technological Studies, General Studies and Visual and Performing Arts.

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