Ustadh Hanif Bagh Khan passes away in Canada

Guyana born, Ustadh Hanif Bagh Khan passed away on September 14th 2011. Ustadh was rushed to York-Finch Hospital when he suddenly stopped breathing. Ustadh Hanif then began his return journey to Allah SWT. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilahi rajioon – from Allah we come and to Him we return. Ustadh Bagh Khan made a major contribution to sustaining the faith of innumerable amount of Muslims in his home country of Guyana, Trinidad and then Canada by teaching his Simplified System of Learing to read Qur’anic Arabic.

Ustadh was a very simple, unassuming and humble person.  He lived his life for  Allah SWT,  and  our  Holy Prophet Mohammad (PB) his trademark is teaching the Qur’anic Arabic language to everyone and anyone.  His love for the Holy Qur’an was immense.

He will truly be missed by his family and the community at large, in Canada, Guyana ,USA , Europe.  Ustadh leaves behind his daughter Zalina , her husband Mush , grandchildren Siddique  and Nabeela  their spouses Faraah and Khalid ,two great granddaughters – Nooriah and Yasmeen. May Allah forgive him  and grant him a peaceful abode in the barzakh, raise him amongst the righteous souls and grant Muhammad (s) permission to intercede on his and our behalf ameen.A gathering  will continue on Thursday Sept. 15th after Salaatul Maghrib starting at approx. 8:00pm and will conclude at 9:00pm followed by Salaatul Ishaa.

The Janaaza will take place on Friday Sept. 16th after Salaatul Jumuah.  Salaatul Jumuah is at 1:30pm.  Immediately after Salaatul Jumuah, the Janaaza prayer will be read at 2:30pm. The Interment will take place at York Cemetery  (the west side of Senlac ), located on Senlac Rd (Finch & Senlac or Sheppard & Senlac).  The family is requesting everyone to join them after the Interment at Imdadul Islamic Center for the reading of the Holy Quran and refreshments.  For further information, please call (416) 636-0044.

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