Trustbank Amanah Brings Islamic Financing To Suriname

Trustbank Amanah has opened its doors. From l-r: Jim Rasam (project director), minister Gillmore Hoefdraad, Maureen Badjoeri (CEO), Nida Raza (director advisory ICD) and president CBvS, Glenn Gersie.

After two years of preparation, Trustbank Amanah is now ready to offer society Islamic Financing. With the opening of Trustbank Amanah in Suriname,  the region has its the first Islamic Bank.  The formal opening took place on Thursday. With this the organization concludes a period of 28 years of service as a secondary bank institution to the community. Trustbank Amanah says that it will build on the same foundation, laid by the financial institution for the development of small business.

The opening took place in the presence of the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD). The Director Advisory Nida Raza and Program Manager Islamic Financial Institutions Mohammed Mannai of the ICD traveled to Suriname specifically for this purpose.

The vision of Trustbank Amanah is sustainable financial growth through ethical banking. This is aimed at ensuring sustainable economic growth and, in time, also serving the regional markets. By offering this new way of banking, Trustbank Amanah hopes that sustainable growth and distribution of wealth, with which the economic stability of Suriname can be promoted.

Trustbank Amanah is committed to developing the private sector and strengthening public-private partnerships, says CEO of Trustbank Amanah, Maureen Badjoeri. According to her, the spin-off effect will be that the production sector will get the long desired impulse to grow into a market-supplying and exporting sector. “Successful and growing companies bring employment, purchasing power and ultimately economic growth for the entire country – a very ambitious task, but not impossible”, Badjoeri said.

After the official launch of Trustbank Amanah, declarations of intent were signed with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism and the Surinamese Business Association. It includes the intention to work together to promote, support and develop small and medium-sized enterprises. Trustbank Amanah will be at the service of everyone who needs it has financial services and offers savings, investment and credit opportunities in the initial phase.

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