The temptation of carnival

Allah says in Surah Tin:

“We have indeed created man in the best of mould, then do We reduced Him to the lowest of the low”  (Chapter 95, verse 4-5) 

Man has been created in ‘the best of mould’ because on one hand he has the capacity to benefit from all that Allah has created in the universe.  On the other hand, He (Allah) can allow us to ‘go down’ to the lowest of the low.  For example we begin life as helpless creatures.  We are dependent on others for care and attention for a while.  Other creatures aren’t so.  They start out their life very differently.  Some start taking care of themselves from day one.

Man is the vicegerent of Allah, however today look at how some of His ‘representatives’ behave and act, especially around this carnival period.

At the time of Prophet (ﷺ), during the period of ignorance they used to run naked around the Holy Kabah, and today it is no different. Unfortunately for them nothing has changed.  Remember good and evil cannot mix, so you can’t participate a little and think its alright.

This period is indeed a challenge especially for our younger ones.  We need to culture them to refrain from things such as carnival and if successful we would have achieved a lot.  Satan decorates the evil for man so we need to tread carefully.  Purify your eyes and ears, especially around this period.  Sometimes Satan uses those unfortunate impressions against us when we are trying to get closer to our Lord, for example when we stand for Salaat (prayer) Satan reminds us of the images of carnival we’ve seen and this can have a damaging effect on us.

For the materialist, carnival is the most beautiful thing.  In their eyes their enjoy the ‘expression of art’, the spiritually damaging music and the animalistic behavior.  For the true believers who are striving and struggling to get closer to their Creator it is indeed a test because whether you like it or not the fitnah of carnival is all around us.  So we need to tread carefully and pay close attention to our younger ones.  Help culture and cultivate them to refrain from the evil and accept and propergate the good.

We beg Allah to keep us safe, physically and spirituality, during this period, and may He protect all the believers internally and externally from the fitnah (temptation) of carnival.

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