Seeking with sincere intentions will lead to purity of the heart.

When the Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) went on the Miraj, Allah first sent angels to wash his heart.  What was the significance of this?  The Prophet(s) was one who never committed any sin.  So that if we were to try to understand the purpose for so doing through reason and logic it would be difficult to explain the wisdom behind it.

Allah says in Surah Anfal;

“and know that Allah comes in between a man and his heart, and that it is He to whom you shall be gathered.”  (Chapter 8, verse 24) 

He further says in Surah Qaf:

“We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.”  (Chapter 50, verse 16) 

What do these ayats (verses) mean?  Some will argue that it means that everything is in Allah’s knowledge.  From a spiritual point of view you can only truly understand this when you begin to hear your heart reverberate ‘Allahu’.  When you begin to feel the vibrations throughout your entire body, only then can you truly understand what these ayats imply.

We cannot comprehend the working of Allah.  For example reflect on the complexity of the human body.  Each component is built in a different compartment separate from one another and working in harmony.

In order to achieve a successful life in this word you have to keep your hearts clean.  Allah loves purity and if you want to feel His presence inside you, you need to keep inside of you clean.  How does one attain this level of purity?  You start with your intentions.

Do things solely for the sake of Allah and it will have a chain reaction throughout your entire body.  Begin with a clean (sincere) intention and everything else will take its course.  Satan does not want a believer to feel the Divine Presence of Allah so he will try to impact upon your emotions in order to divert your focus.  Do you think you can experience Allah when you become angry?

Allah has mentioned that the hypocrites’ will be thrown to the deepest part of the hell fire.  This is so because of their intentions.  They profess openly that they believe but in reality they have ulterior motives.

Just as the trees and stones used to praise the Prophet(ﷺ) so to our organs and limbs can engage in the zikr (remembrance) of Allah.  Develop your heart beat to rhythmically say Allahu and insha Allah (God willing) you would have led a successful life.

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