Jamaican Muslims want say in security plans against possible ISIS threat

Sheikh Musa Tijani of the Islamic Council of Jamaica

Published by Jamaica Observer here

THE Islamic Council of Jamaica says it is disappointed that the Government has not invited the group that represents Muslims in the country to participate in discussions and plans to strengthen the island’s security capabilities in light of concerns being raised about threat that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) could pose to the island.

The group, which represents more than 600 Muslims across the island, said there has been a lot of misconception regarding the Muslim faith and the threat by ISIS and suggested that the best way to address the problem would be through dialogue with people with knowledge of the organisation.

Acting President of the Islamic Council of Jamaica Al Hajj Mekaeel Maknoon, at a press conference Tuesday, described the failure of Government to reach out to the Muslim community as ‘seriously unfortunate’. “We believe there is need for greater collaboration,” he said.

“It (collaboration) would show that the country is a stable country and that the Government is in full control of its affairs because it works close with the people who are able to provide them with the necessary information and knowledge to ensure that there is stability,” said Maknoon.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Musa Tijani, head of propagation and education at the Islamic Council of Jamaica, said there was need for the organisation to make greater strides to educate members of the public about Islam.

The Islamic Council of Jamaica also used the opportunity to distance itself from ISIS, saying it in no way supported practices and beliefs of the organisation responsible for scores of deadly attacks across the world.

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