Muslim Businessman donate lamps to Suriname Cathedral

August 27, 2011:  Fumagalli lights donated by the HD Lighting at the cathedral. The fasting month of Ramadan should no longer remain a closed event for the Muslim community, but may be best expressed in social relations. Cat Isaac, director of HD Lighting, tells Star News that unlike earlier religious organizations a better contact with each other and together have implemented community projects.

This year, along with Puss Christian organization and the foreign supplier of the same products Fumagalli, two lights given to the Roman Catholic church. The lamps are placed around the St Peter and Paul Cathedral at the Henck Arron Street. Chosen for the cathedral because it is a listed building and a light Fumagalli best justice to the monumental buildings.

Brotherly love
Cat was pleased that he is able to offer quality lamps in the cathedral. Especially in Ramadan, the trader has made ​​this gesture to the Christian community in Suriname. This is the brotherly love between the different faiths in our country ratified.

The entrepreneur has long been noticed that the front part of the renovation of the cathedral dark and deserted appearance. “These lights provide not only light, but provide an appropriate atmosphere is needed in that environment,” he says. He hopes that many religious organizations follow suit. Cat will explore how this social project can provide more content. “Who knows, next time a religious movement into consideration.”

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