Caribbean Muslims continue to send hope to Haiti

Muslims of T & T presenting donation

Caroni, Trinidad: On Feb 4th Muslims of Trinidad and Tobago handed a cheque in the sum of two hundred and fifty two thousand one hundred and thirty dollars (TT $252,130.00 or USD 40,000.00) to the International Federation of the Red Cross, Red Crescent to be used for covering the cost of medical services and food supplies for the people of Haiti.

Four containers packed with food, water, medicine, clothes and other relief supplies have been shipped to Haiti.   Another four containers are being packed with building materials and more basic food supplies to be sent this week.  The Muslims of T&T intend to undertake various projects in Haiti which include food distribution, constructing a school, a hospital facility, an orphanage and 70 living units to provide shelter for those without these basic necessities.

The Muslims of Guyana under the umbrella of the Central Islamic Organization (CIOG) and Human Concern International of Ottawa, Canada have also donated generously to assist in the emergency relief efforts to Haiti.

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