Canadian Donation to benefit Guyanese Orphans

Georgetown May 30th 2008:- The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) today received a CDN $30,000 donation from the Islamic Foundation of Toronto, Canada. During a simple presentation ceremony at the CIOG headquarters in Woolford Avenue, Abdool Kaioom Khan, a representative of the Islamic Foundation of Toronto, made the presentation to Shaikh Moeenul Hack of the CIOG.  According to Shaikh Hack, the donation follows a proposal which was made to the Islamic Foundation of Toronto for funding for text books for the seven schools that are owned by the CIOG.  He said that a total of 151 orphans and vulnerable children will benefit from the donation.

“The CIOG believes that it is only through an effective education system we can meet the challenges which global pressure exerts on our potential to survive,” Hack reiterated. He added that education is critical and as such the CIOG decided to embark on a deliberate plan to make education accessible to the poor and underprivileged, while at the same time providing such high services that would attract students from all sections of society. The donation will also seek to cover the transportation cost for orphans and vulnerable children. Currently all expenses related to underprivileged children are subsidised by the CIOG, Hack pointed out, since the CIOG also provides transportation for children attending their schools. Hack expressed his gratitude to the Islamic Foundation of  Toronto for the donation, while giving assurance that it would be put to maximum use.  Abdool Kaioom Khan said that he was pleased to be a part of the presentation ceremony. He urged the students present at the ceremony to make full use of the opportunity given to them.

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