A Prayer for Troubled Minds

Almighty God!
The night is still
The moon has taken refuge
Behind dark clouds
The lights have been dimmed
And every soul has retired
But Your Servant is awake
Sleep has not come
To soothe his troubled mind
Only a prayer on his heart
Seeking You, Beseeching You.

Only Your knowledge can pierce the cloak of outward composure
And reveal the storms raging inside

Only Your love can wrap itself around the wounded heart and bring healing and repair

Only Your mercy can overcome the audacity of the ignorant and the tyranny of the powerful

Only Your remembrance can soothe the pain of separation and fill the eyes with tears of joy

Only your decree can alter the course of hardship and usher a moment of ease

It is only for Your pleasure that I sleep and wake, live and die

Grant me the grace of beholding Your Countenance and the blessing of Your eternal pleasure.