Who Is Prophet Muhammad (s)? The Pride of Creation

The opportunity presented by Rabi ul Awal, the birth month of Prophet Muhammad (s), was taken to produce four specials highlighting his (s) seerah.  These were produced for and broadcasted by EawazTV 

 The Episode above is on the theme “The women around the Prophet (s)”.  Dr Bano Murtuja covers a few key females who influenced and supported him (s) with his (s) mission.

In this next episode Shaykh Zahir Bacchus, Secretary of  the Canadian Council of Imams and Deputy Imam of Jamiat ul Ansar, narrates the Prophet (s) society and his advocacy for the vulnerable and oppressed.  

Shaykh Waleed Hilal AlMakee, scholar in residence at Noon Academy speaks about the Prophet (s) upbringing and how he (s) was prepared for prophethood.

Shaykh Ali Elsayed demonstrates the experience of those who knew the Prophet (s) as well as sings a few numbers from his English mawlid book The Pride of Creation.  The text and audio of Mawlid of the Pride of Creation is available on Shaykh Ali’s website for free download.