Trinidad Pilgrim Passes Away in Makkah

Hajji Shaheed Mohammed (ra)

Shaheed Mohammed of Water Pipe Road, Cane Farm, Tacarigua passed away on September 5th, 2017, in Makka, Saudi Arabia.   Shaheed completed the rites of Hajj prior to passing away.  Verily from Allah we come and to Him we return.  May Allah accept his Hajj and all his sacrifices, forgive his shortcomings and grant solace to the bereaved family and friends.  Ameen.

Hajji Mohammed travelled with Al Hijra Tours led by Hajji Shariffudin Mohammed.  In a reflective Facebook Post, Hajji Salahudeen Mohammed, who is the annual Hajj with Al Hijra Tours, commented

Sharaya Cemetery (photo: Salahudeen Mohammed)

“Shared a room with you in Canada on the way to Saudi Arabia for #Hajj2017. Checked on you nightly in Aziziyah.  Had dinner with you last night……. and tonight I helped wash your body and lower you into your grave in #Sharaya Cemetery in #Makka. May Allah accept your Hajj Hajji Shaheed Mohammed. You are in a most beautiful place.”

Nafeesa Mohammed, former Deputy Political Leader of the People’s National Movement offered the following prayer,  “May Allah accept the hajj of Hajji Shaheed Mohammed and make it easy for all. He is so very close to the House of Allah and our beloved Rasool ﷺ! Subhan Allah! [Glorified be God]”

On Facebook, Khadija Nakhuda commented “he is so lucky to die while making hajj.. on the day of qiyamah he would be risen in that state or even better reciting labayk.. we can only pray to have such noble endings.”

Bibi Sawia Ali added a comment “ Such a reminder of how short life is and how we should always try to be on good terms with everybody. You never know when will be your time or theirs. And He truly would have been a man of amazing character and good habits to deserve such an honour subhaanallah.”

Hajji Shaheed Mohammed (ra) was laid to rest in Sharaya Cemetery in Makka.

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