The Pursuit Of Happiness Ends In Contentment

In our worldly existence, we spend so much of our time searching for happiness that we miss out on the true essence of joy. In navigating this life, we can only achieve a sense of contentment and a small sense of satisfaction because we will always want and work for more. Our human nature leads us to believe that happiness is one step ahead of us. That happiness lies in having more of this world.

Imagine, however, working towards achieving happiness in the hereafter. Striving to worship our Creator to the best of our ability while connecting our hearts to Him. Having the confidence that our Supreme Creator is looking after our best interest no matter our circumstance. When we connect our hearts to Him, we can recognize we have a sense of contentment, peace of mind and a tranquil soul. That even while experiencing trials and tribulations, Ar-Raheem (The Especially Merciful) is taking care of our every need. Can you imagine being able to recognize your difficulties as a blessing? 

A Hadith mentioned in Sahih Muslim 34: Book 1, Hadith 58 states: It is narrated on the authority of ‘Abbas b. ‘Abdul-Muttalib that he heard the Messenger of Allah saying:

He has found the taste of faith (iman) who is content with Allah as his Lord, with Islam as his religion (code of life) and with Muhammad (ﷺ) as his Prophet.

How can we achieve such a level of contentment? To get to this point, we must be able to understand the Magnificence that is Our Creator. Learning, understanding and implementing in our lives, His attributes and fully accepting that “There is no Might or Power greater than Allah.” 

Happiness is not merely a temporary state of joy and delight. This life is temporary. True happiness can never be fully achieved in this part of our journey. We can achieve contentment in this world by working towards our ultimate destination, and by understanding and implementing the life prescribed to us by Allah and portrayed by the Rasool (ﷺ). Our actions should be done with the sincerity of wanting to gain a greater connection with Allah, wanting to please the Being that has granted us life. Understanding and accepting the beauty of the teachings of Our Rasool (ﷺ). Learning to adapt and find benefit in his Sunnah, being steadfast in prayer and understanding what we are asking of Allah when we pray. 

Pursuing spiritual contentment in this life will bring about eternal happiness, peace of mind and tranquillity of heart in this life and everlasting bliss in the hereafter, Insha Allah (God willing). Ibn Taymiyyah said, “Contentment is the greatest door that one enters to Allah; it is the source of tranquillity for the worshipper and paradise on Earth. Whoever does not enter it will not enter paradise.” The essence of this saying is that we should be content with our situation no matter what it may be, be pleased with Allah as our Lord and know that He always knows what is best for us. Worry, although it is a human trait, should not belong in the heart of a believer. This belief will lead to the most beautiful destination and where true happiness undeniably rests.