Mushtaque Mohammed – Sports Administrator – Volleyball

In a message sent to the media on the eve of the start of the second Caribbean Invitational Volleyball League at the Jean Pierre Complex, Mohammed said, “today we celebrate another milestone in the history of our volleyball era with the hosting of this event.”

“We are also celebrating 50 years of our organization since we became recognized by the T & T Olympic Committee.”  “We have indeed progress and we are definitely one of the top Volleyball Association in the Caribbean. As an organization, we have our struggles to stay afloat but the support received by the membership and the volunteers is what gave us fuel to continue.”  “In reflection on our 50 year history, we must recognize the service of some of our members like Raphael Hosein, past president (24 years) Peter Mungal, past president and national coach, Macsood Ali, national player and coach, Curtis Burkette, national captain and coach and more recently Gideon Dickson, national player and national coach, Nolan Tash and Krystle Esdelle our current national captains.”

“Although I am able to name a few here, it is by no means an attempt to sideline the involvement of any other person since we have all made significant contributions over the years.”  “As we turn our focus to the hosting of the Caribbean League, it is my best wishes to all the participating clubs and players to bring this event to our shores. The hosting of this event is already a success since we were able to attract players from our Caribbean neighbors  to participate as colleagues in one event.”  “I want to thank the Local Organizing Committee for their work and involvement in the competition, which one day can become self sustainable and grow into a professional league.”

Trinidad and Tobago’s Mushtaque Mohammed  the Vice President of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB)who was re-elected to serve a four-year term on the board of administration just two months ago, is now also the secretary of the Development Commission for the world body.  The 50-year-old was first welcomed into the FIVB in 2009.  Mr. Mohammed is also the President of the Trinidad and Tobago Volleyball Federation.

In a letter sent to Mohammed from his office in Switzerland, FIVB President Ary Graca stated: “I am sure you will serve the FIVB with devotion, performing your duty and responsibilities in a professional manner. This is the essential to the development of our sport.”

The Brazilian continued: “Your experience constitutes an important asset, one that will enhance our sport. The FIVB is counting on you and will provide the necessary support for your daily work.”

Mohammed already holds several other posts throughout the region, and is now arguably the busiest volleyball administrator in the world.

The former volleyballer, who also played cricket as an opening batsman and wicket-keeper for his village team in Piparo growing up, first joined the Trinidad and Tobago Volleyball Federation (T&TVF) as Assistant Secretary  in 1988.

Mohammed became the General Secretary the following year and when Peter Mungal resigned from the post of President in the middle of his four-year term in 1992, he became the interim President. Twenty years later, Mohammed is still at the helm of the sport locally.

The demand for his services overseas started in 1994 when he became the First President of the Caribbean Zonal Volleyball Association. Two years later he was appointed Vice-President of the NORCECA (North, Central America and the Caribbean) Confederation.

Mohammed not only still holds both posts, but he will be NORCECA Vice-President until at least 2015 as he was re-elected for another four-year term in October last year.

Mohammed’s  resume also includes being a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee since 1997. He became Vice-President in 2005 and will hold this post until at least next year, after being re-elected for another four-year term in 2009.

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