My Grandparents, Esau and Maryam Khan. Esau is the first cousin of Bibi Sahara Siddique of Vergenoegen, their ancestors all hail from Maryville, Leguan.

Abdool Rahaman family

The Abdool Rahaman family. Seated in front are Mr Abdool Rahaman and Mr Shehzade Rahaman, at the left of Shehzade Begum is Azeema Rahaman. First left in the back row is Mr Sultan Rahaman.

Bib Saf Shadick

Always enjoying her extended family is Bibi Safora Shadick, centre with two of her Puphu, Zamilla and Sarah; at her left is her Chachee, Mrs Swabera Baksh and below her is a cousin. Swabera is the mother of Shakira Caine, former Ms Guyana and 3rd Miss World Contestant. Rozim Baksh, her husband died young and Swabera moved back to Hague where her Rahaman family hails from. Her brother, Haleem, was married to Bibi Shadick’s aunt, Sarah. “Swabera never remarried. She was an accomplished seamstress who made a good living,” says Ms Shadick.


Bibi Hanifa Ishack Hossain