Bakewell owner Naeem Nasir

– a perfect example of humility, honesty, and kindness


Persons from all walks of life turned up to pay final respects and tribute to the late Naeem Nasir, owner of the Bakewell Bakery and Group of Companies, who died at the Balwant Singh Hospital in East Street, Georgetown on Tuesday.

Employees of Bakewell Bakery pay their last respects to owner Naeem Nasir

The funeral service, which was conducted at the Merriman Mall in Queenstown, Georgetown, was attended by President Donald Ramotar and First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar, as well as other Government officials and Opposition Leader David Granger.

Mr. Ramotar said: “Naeem lived a short life, but he has had a very high quality life, and that is the important thing.”  The Head of State noted that Nasir returned to Guyana and built a very successful business, and in the process created employment for many.

President Ramotar also spoke about Nasir’s humanitarian efforts, stating: “He was extremely generous with giving to the poor and giving to charitable causes…he was very, very generous in that way. I know that he was working on many projects, both business and charitable types of projects.” President Ramotar said he felt personally grieved at the loss of Nasir, as he had known him personally and had had opportunity of working with him on many occasions.

“I take the opportunity to extend my deepest sympathy to his wife and children, sisters and brothers, and other relatives and friends, on my own behalf and (on) behalf of the PPP (People’s Progressive Party), and on behalf of the Government and the people of Guyana.”

President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader David Granger at Nasir’s funeral service. Background steel structure is the Queenstown Masjid

Opposition Leader Granger said the country, as a whole, has lost a very outstanding citizen.  “It’s a great loss; it’s definitely a great loss to the city. I grew up here in Queenstown, not far from where he opened his business. He was a very innovative businessman, and he introduced a new style of baking, I would think, to Georgetown and to Guyana,” Granger remarked.

He, too, acknowledged that Nasir had been a very generous citizen, and said Nasir would be missed by all.  “I think we’ll all miss him. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad word said against him by any citizen, high or low. Certainly, in this community here, Queenstown/Alberttown, he was regarded as a stalwart.”
Housing and Water Minister Irfaan Ali said Nasir was a son of the soil, a perfect example of humility, honesty, and kindness. His charitable attributes and outstanding life cannot go unnoticed. Ali said the Muslim community has lost a leader, motivator, counsellor and a perfect example of Islam.
 At the time of his death, Nasir was also in the process of constructing a state-of- the-art Masjid at Church Street, Georgetown.  Another of the notable projects in which Nasir was involved was the construction of a soup kitchen. In partnership with the government, he built a kitchen capable of catering for more than 2500 persons daily.  The kitchen, which will be commissioned soon, is expected to provide meals for the homeless and the less fortunate. The entrepreneur was also a lover of sports. He donated millions of dollars annually to various sporting disciplines and sporting events.

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