Guyana’s President celebrates Eid at Peters Hall Masjid

President Ramotar

Sacrifice is very important- President Ramotar

-at Eid Festival

Georgetown, GINA, August 19, 2012

As Muslims around the world today celebrate Eid which symbolizes the end of the holy month of Ramadan, His Excellency Donald Ramotar this morning joined his Muslim brothers and sisters, gathered at Peters Hall Jamma Masjid to celebrate this important event on their calender.

The Head of State said sacrifices are needed in anything good that is done moreso anything worthwhile in this world, as such, to accomplish the objective of building a society which upholds all the freedoms that exist such as democracy; it is important for sacrifices to be made.

“These things will only be sustainable if we are able to work, produce and have a prospering society…they do not sustain themselves…Sacrifice is very important generally and in everything that we do,” Ramotar added.

The Head of State believes that the month of Ramadan gives Muslims the opportunity to remember the less fortunate in the society and the world as a whole, during which, the millions of people that go to bed hungry not because of the lack of resources but mainly because of greed in some sections of the society.

“I think it helps them to remember the less fortunate in the society and the world as a whole…Many times we remember too, that there are millions of people who go to bed hungry everyday not because of the lack of resources but mainly because of greed in some sections of society,” Ramotar said

He added that the month of Ramadan teaches discipline which can be forged into everyday life, which is necessary for a people, if they are to move forward sticking to a course and a direction.

In addition to remembering the less fortunate, the giving of gifts amongst other forms of generosity is encouraged particularly the less fortunate.

“I believe that the gifts we give should not be those that last for a day but rather that which can last for a lifetime…that is why we have been working extremely hard to give the gift of education to every child,” Ramotar explained.

The country is set to accomplish one of its millennium development goals which is universal secondary education. This the Head of State believes is extremely important because education is the biggest and most important gift someone can receive, which will serve to equip them in the fight against poverty, and will see them emerging from poverty.

“At this time too, we remember solidarity, not only in our country but in other parts of the world where life expectancy is less than 50 because of poverty and other serious evils that exist in the society,” Ramotar said.

He charged all to remember the situation in Palestine where people live in the worst possible condition that one can imagine; therefore the need to unite, strengthen the society and propagate one’s conscience to what is happening in other parts of the world.

Muslims the world over one month ago, embarked on the holy Ramadan, which is one month of fasting, which rests on the foundation of sacrificing themselves and remembering humanity.

During this month not only did they use it as a stepping stone to get close

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