Diaspora Guyanese Rejoice At The Peaceful Transfer of Power in Guyana

Haji Omar Farouk (r) with Janet Naidu

Congratulations Extended To New President 

Haji Omar Farouk, President of the International Muslims Organization (IMO) in Toronto, Canada, in a letter to President Irfaan Ali said “Your compatriots in the diaspora are rejoicing that the electoral uncertainty in Guyana is over. The peaceful transition of power will no doubt redound to the benefit of the entire nation.” The IMO is a non-profit, provincially registered organization, which was established in 1994. Mr Farouk and most of the executive leadership of IMO were born and raised in Guyana. Congratulations were extended to President Ali on his election to the Presidency of Guyana. You can read the full statement below.

Janet Naidu in a statement to CaribbeanMuslims.com said “I was extremely glad that, with all the sufferings and uncertainties of COVID-19, the final declaration of the elections was without chaos. To witness such a peaceful resolution of the elections meant a lot to me to know that no violence was unleashed upon the people. Amazingly, there was no blood-shed, no riots, no destruction, no injuries, no provocation to incite violence. All Guyanese were glad to reach such a peaceful moment . Like many others, I was relieved that we finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The battle to preserve our democracy was indeed long and very hard.

We are saluting a democratically elected President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali. And this is a refreshing change in Guyana’s political landscape and leadership. Coming from very humble beginning, he has shown a deep understand and genuine care for the people’s need for progress and prosperity. I am ecstatic he will be a President for all the people in the rich diversity of our nation. He would be inclusive and he would reach out to all stakeholders who want to work for the good of all the people. There will be many challenges ahead, and he must cross many bridges, but most of all, he is passionate about the well-being of the people and this will take Guyana far as he leads the nation forward. I have no doubt that this great son of Guyana will give his all to see that no one is left behind.” Ms.Naidu specializes in Human Rights Advocacy as well as Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace. She was born and raised in Guyana.

Habeeb Alli added his reflections “The process of contesting the election result was gruesome, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this brought upon concerned Guyanese at home and abroad feelings of frustration and worry. We are pleased to join Guyanese and Canadians and those around the world that stand for democracy to congratulate Dr Irfaan Mohamed Ali as the 9th Executive President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. We wish him and his cabinet well.

We look forward to the new government taking steps to alleviate the burden of poverty of laid-off sugar workers and others in the oil rich diverse nation of Guyana!” Habeeb Alli is a Social Worker. His energies are utilized in organizations and projects which seeks to alleviate hunger and human suffering.  Mr Alli develops alliances with people of all backgrounds to advance numerous humanitarian objectives. He was also born and raised in Guyana.