ASJA Secretaries

The following gentlemen provided distinguished service as Secretary of ASJA.

Abas Hosein – Eastern Main Road, Barataria,  he was a Proprietor, fluent in English and Urdu and a Maktaab Teacher.

Moulvi Fateh Dad Khan – migrated to Trinidad from Guyana settling in St. James, was an appointed Missionary of ASJA, Pesh Imam of the Haji Gokool Masjid and Government Muslim Chaplain.

Tawfiq ur Rahaman – born in Sangre Grande then moved to Port of Spain.  He worked in the Public Service, serverd as President of the Central Muslim Youth Organization (CMYO) and as an Executive Member of ASJA’s National Executive.

Wahid Ali – Port of Spain, a Medical Practioner, member of CMYO, delegated speaker of Trinidad & Tobago’s National Youth Conference at the World Assembly of Youth (WAY) where is was elected the Vice President of WAY.  Founder of Trinidad and Tobago’s Inter-Religious Organization (IRO), President of Trinidad and Tobago’s Senate;  and Acting President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on several occasions. Recipient of the nation’s Highest Award.

Zainool Aberdeen Khan – St Augustine.  Worked in the Public Service, served as 1st Vice-President of ASJA; Chairman of ASJA’s Education Board, assisted in funding Haji Ruknuddeen Institute of Islamic Studies, member of IRO and the Muslim Co-ordinating Committee (MCC), author and compiler of several Islamic publications,

M.H.A. Dookhie – St. James, worked in the Public Service, ASJA Executive member, CYMO Officer, Boys Scouts, member of Haji Gokool Masjid in St James.

Tiab M. Rahaman – born in Hermitage Village, moved to San Fernando, He became a teacher in the Pupil – Teacher System, later topped the colony (Trinidad) in the Teachers Provisional Certificate Examination, graduated from Government Teacher’s College, was the 1st Principal of Rio Claro Muslim (ASJA).  Post Primary School 1961-62 England.  Reading Course at UWI Mona, Jamaica.  President of CMYO and a strong Debater.  Supervisor of Schools I & II for 18 years.

Raouff Ali – St. James, Manager of Kirpalani’s Complex, member of ASJA Executive, Founder of Mahiyudin Young Muslim Men League. President of CYMO. Represented Trinidad’s Naional Youth Council at WAY Conference in USA.

Fyzul Shah – San Fernando, worked in the Public Service, Secretary of ASJA Education Board, served as ASJA Secretary from 1965-71.

Hameed Rajab – Dow Village, California,  he was Imam of Dow Village Jamaat for over 40 years, President of Dow Village Branch of Mahiyuddin Muslim Youth League; Secretary of ASJA’s Divorce Council; Chairman of ASJA Imam’s Council; Secretary of Al Huda Committee, Chairman of ASJA’s Religious and Social Serives Committee; Prison Chaplain, author, poet and compiler of ASJA’s Qasida Book.

Hyder Ali – San Fernando, worked at Texaco Oil Refinery in Pointe a Pieere; served as Secretary of ASJA’s Education Board, Chairman of ASJA’s Maktab Services Committee, Secretary of San Fernando Jama Masjid, Pesh Imam of Williamsville Masjid.

 Imtiaz Ali – Valsayn, worked as Manager of Little Angels Garments; graduated University of the West Indies (UWI); Secretary of ASJA Education Board, Member of IRO and MCC, Secretary of ASJA (1984- 1990).

Kamal Hosein – worked as a Customs Officer, President of TTMYO, General Secretary of Islamic Missionaries Guild (IMG); founding member of Islamic Trust (IT); Secretary of ASJA 1972 – 1978 and 1990 – 2006.  Manager of ASJA Co-operative Society Ltd; Treasurer of Trinidad’s National Youth Council and delegate to World Assembly of Youths in Manchester, England (1972); Secretary of Rabita Conference (1976); Secretary of MCC; Chariman/Director/Secretary of Haji Ruknuddeen Institute of Islamic Studies; Public Relations Officer of ASJA.

Mohammed Hosein – Princes Town,  Principal of Princes Town ASJA Primary School, Cricket Umpire, Secretary of ASJA (2000-2003).

Shaukat Khan – Director Islamic Funeral Trust, Secretary of ASJA.


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