Qasida (also spelled qasidah or qaseeda), is a form of poetry from pre-Islamic Arabia. A Na`at  is a poetry that specifically praises the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.  Many of the famous scholars in the earlier days of Islam wrote Naat.

These are a collection of qasidahs/naats/hamds published by ASJA Trinidad that have survived the generational loss of the Urdu language skills by contemporary Caribbean Muslims. They are still used both for private devotional reading in Moulood (Mawlid) and as lyrics for music. The compilation of ASJA Qaseeda book was undertaken by Imam Hameed Rajab (RA), of Dow Village, California, Trinidad.  Imam Rajab was the Imam of his district mosque as well as the leader of ASJA’s Imam Council for many years.

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The Anjuman Sunnat-ul-Jamaat Association of  Trinidad and Tobago Inc. was founded in 1933 and  incorporated by Act of Parliament in 1935.  As we celebrate the Golden Anniversary of our  incorporation. we dedicate this edition to all those  who were responsible for the formation of the Association and who contributed in various ways towards the propagation of Islam in our country. May Allah bless them.

(Standing From Left To Right ).
Aziz Mohammed, Taheeb Ali, Meharwan Mohammed, Backreedee Meah, Abbass Hosein, Haji Rooknodeen Sahib, S.M. Hosein, Aziz Mohammed (Tunapuna), Mohammed Ibrahim, Hausildar Meah, Nawab Ali, Sheik Hashim Muzaffar.
(Sitting From Left To Right).
1. Not Identified 2. Not Identified 3. Not Identified 4. Belbagai 5. Ishmael Ali 6. Ghulam Hosein 7. Not Identified 8. Peru Meah 9. Hassan Khan 10. Not Identified 11. Hafiz Nazruddeen of Tunapuna 12. Badaloo Meah 13. Not Identified 14. Not Identified 15. S.M. Mustapha 16. Not Identified 17. Khairat Ali Meah


 Meelad Shareef Function  4
 Quranic Quotations  5


Taareef Uss Khuda Kee  7
(Sana) Tujhay Dhoondta  8
Saane’nay Sab  9
Muhammad Mustafa  10
Harr Darrd Kee  11
Parrho Kalma  12
Mayray Moeen  13
Farz Hai Hamparr  14
Haajat Rawa-ee  15
Tum Pay La-Khon Salaam  16
Naatay Ahmad  17
Yay Haleema  18
Zahay Izzat  19
Kuch Khabarr  Bhee Hai  20
Jo Mo-Min Apnay Ghar Mayn  21
Tishnagi Ummat  22
Tayray Dandaan  23
Aaj Hai Moulood Akram  24
Zara Chahray  25
Muhammad Na Ho Tay  26
Habeebay Kibriya Aa-ya  27
Khatimul Ambiya  28
Taazeem Say  29
Sarrwaray Harr Dowsara  30
Ahadith  31


Khuda Rukh Say  33
Falak Parr Showr  34
Bulaawa Hai Shabay Mearaj  35
Downo Adam Hain  36
Mahboobay Khuda Matloobay Khuda 37


Duniya Say Dill  39
Jannat Mayn Makaan Apna  40
Khaaliq Nayn Kya  41
Yaarab Sadaan  42
Khuda Ya Azmatay Islam  43
Khuda Kee Jiss Kisee Banday  44
Na Ghabraa-O Musalmaano  45
Dila Gaafil  46
Mo-Mino 47


Barkaton Say Hai Bhara  49
Mahboobay Jahan  50
Mubaarak Sab Maheenon Meyn  51
Afsose To Rukhsat  52
Chiraagh Dil  53
Munaajaat .  55
Salaam  56
Taazeem  57



The Holy Quran emphatically states: “Surely, Allah and His Angels send blessings  upon the Prophet: 0 you who believe! Invoke divine blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation.” Here Allah, the Mighty, the Wise, makes this important revelation that, He the great God, sends blessing along with His Angels to the Holy Prophet ﷺ, and He has further instructed us in His Infinite wisdom to honour the blessed Prophet ﷺ in a worthy manner.

For this reason Meelad Shareef Functions have been widespread throughout the Muslim world, bringing to light the value of sending daroods and salaams to the Best of the Created, Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha (ﷺ).  Most surely, in the remembrance of Allah Taala and of His beloved Prophet ﷺ whose life and deeds are recounted on such occasions, is a source of inspiration and in it there are great blessings.

His ﷺ life and example are the best pattern for mankind to follow, and are the key to moral and spiritual progress. We are directed to this truth in the Holy Quran which the Meelad Shareef Function brings to our mind. Al-Quran states: “Certainly you have in the Apostle of Allah an excellent exemplar for him who hopes in Allah, an the Last Day, and remembers Allah much.”

The advantages of a Meelad Shareef Function are many, all depending to what extent and in what form it is conducted. It has played an important part in the social life of Muslims and is observed on any happy occasion to mark the event. It is a commendable feature that such functions are held in the Muslim community on social occasions instead of un-Islamic practices.

Those participating should prepare for such a function by making wuzu and must sit in humility and respect. There should be no gossiping, laughter or any such thing done to cause distraction while the function is, in progress. The reading of Darood Shareef is highly recommended. All talks delivered should be based on Allah Taala and on the life and deeds of the Holy Prophet ﷺ and on the religion of Islam, free from personal aspirations and political views.

Meelad Shareef is a religious function with the aim and purpose of inspiring understanding of the great role the Holy Prophet ﷺ played in the Universe so that we may benefit our souls.  Meelad Shareef Functions conducted in a proper manner delight the soul and exalt the mind into the realms of peace and happiness and of love for the greatest benefactor of humanity. Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ).


Quranic References

O Prophet! Lo! We have sent thee as a witness and a bringer of good tidings and a warner. And as a summoner unto Allah by His permission, and as a lamp that giveth light.   (33:45,46)
And We have not sent thee (O Muhammad) save as a bringer of good tidings and a warner unto all mankind; but most of mankind know not. . . . . . . . . – (34:28)

Lo! We have sent thee (O Muhammad) as a witness and a bearer of good tidings and a warner,  That ye (mankind) may believe in Allah and His messenger, and may honour Him, and may revere Him, and may glorify Him at early dawn and at the close of day. – (48 :8,9)

And We have sent thee (O Muhammad) only as a bearer of good tidings and a warner.  – (25:56)

He it is Who hath sent His messenger with the guidance and the Religion of Truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religion, however much the idolaters may be averse.  – (9:33)

Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is the messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets; and Allah is ever Aware of all things. – (33:40)  




“Our Lord! send amongst them a Messenger of their own, who shall rehearse Thy Signs to them and instruct them in scripture and wisdom, and sanctify them: For Thou art the Exalted in Might, the Wise.”
HOLY QURAN, Chapter 2, Verse 129.

We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures.
HOLY QURAN, Chapter 21, Verse 107.



Taareef uss Khuda kee jisnay jahaan banaaya,
Kaisee zameen banaee kya aasmaan banaaya.

Pairon talay bicha-ya kya khoob farrsh khaakee,
Aurr sarrpay la-jawarr-dee ek saa-ebaan banaaya.

Mittee say bael bootay kya khushnama uga-ay,
Kya khoob chashm toonay ai mehraban banaaya

Sooraj say hamnay pa-ee garrme bhee rowshnee bhee,
Kya khoob chashm toonay ai mehraban banaaya.

Rahmat say tayree kya kya hai neimatay mayassarr.
In neimaton ka mujhko kya quadradaan banaaya.

Harr cheese say hai tayree kaaree-garee tapaktee,
Yay ka-rakha-na toonay kab ra-aygaan banaaya.


How wonderful is His creation of the earth and the sky.  What a wonderful earthen carpet is spread at out feet, and what a vast blue canopy is provided over our heads.  From the earth has sprung beautiful shrubs and plants which adorn the earth in green like a robe of honour.  The sun provides warmth and light, and the fountains and springs are evidence of Allah’s kindness to man.  Through Allah’s mercy and blessings, we receive the necessary favours which ensures our existence.  Oh Allah! Your artistry is abundantly evident in every thing and Your architecture is beyond description. Certainly all these are full with significance and were not brought into being in vain.



Tujhay dhoonta thha main charr soo, tayri shaan jalla jala-luhu
Tu mila qarceb ragay gulu. tayri shaan jalla jala-luhu.

Tayri yaad mayn hai kali kali. hai chaman chamam main hu-wal ali
Tu basa hai phool meyn hu bahu, tayri shaan jalla jala-luhu.

Tayri justaju meyn hai faakhta, kay kahaan tu jalwa dikha-ay ga,
Usay wird-ku koo hai koo bakoo, tayri shaan jalla jala-luhu.

Tayray hukm say jo hawa chalee, to chatak kay bow-li kali kali,
Hai Kareem too hai Raheem too, tayri shaan jalla jala-luhu.

Tayra jalwa downo jahaan meyn hai tayra noor kowno makaan meyn hai,
Yahaan too-hee too wahaan too-hee too, tayri shaan jalla jala-luhu.

Man seeks his Creator in the four corners of the globe, but in fact the  Creator is nearer to him than his jugular vein.  How glorious is Allah the Most High.  He is evident in all His creation, the trees, the flowers, the fruits, etc.  Oh Allah, Thou art truly magnificent. Thou commandeth the winds to blow: whereupon the flowers bloom to sing the praises of Thy Magnificence and Mercy.  Thy Presence is in both the worlds and Thy Light is manifest in Time and Space. Thou art indeed Almighty. Glory be to Thee.



Saane’nay sab banaaya Muhammad Kay noor say,
Qudrat ka gul khilaaya Muhammad kay noor say. Kis kis mazay say sallay ‘ala baagh baan nay,
Rangay chaman jamaaya Muhammad Kay noor say.

Roohay lateef jab gaee jism kasheef mayn,
Aadani ko jab san – waara Muhammad kay noor say.

Ik lafz kun say aalaamay imkaan meyn soha,
Kya Kya hamay dikha-ya Muhammad kay noor say.

Ya Rab sadan darood nisaaray Rasool hu,
Harrdam darood faiz mazaaray Rasool hu.

The Creator designed everything from the splendour of Muhammad’s Noor. He nourished nature with the characteristic grandeur of Muhammad. The spirit of life entered the dense and dark body of Adam only when it was illuminated by the brilliant light of Muhammad’s Noor and it was only then that the Angels showed in adoration to Adam. With the single word “Kun”-Be-was created the universe, but what wonders have been manifested in it by the radiance of Muhammad’s Noor.



Muhammad mustafa sally ‘ala ki aaj mahfil hai,
Habeebay Kibriya sallay ‘ala ki aaj mahfil hai.

Parrho sallay ‘ala sallay ‘ala sallay ‘ala hardam,
Kay rnahboobay Khuda sallay ‘ala ki aaj mahfil hai.

Wazu say aa-ayn bai-thayn ba-adab bhay-jay darood unparr,
Jahaan kay rehnuma sallay ‘ala ki aaj mahfil hai.

Hai jis kay rang say rango baha-ray gulshanay hastee.
Usee rangeen ada sallay ‘ala ki aaj mahfil hai.

Nika-la jis nay chasm aab ka unglee say jangal meyn,
Usee bahray sakha sallay ‘ala ki aaj mahfil hai.

Dua-ayn maang lay jo maangnee ho-haq say ai Akbarr,
Tayray mushkil kusha sallay ‘ala ki aaj mahfil hai.

This assembly today is to pay homage to Muhammad, the beloved of Allah,  Oh Muslims, send peace and blessings on Muhammad and salute him with respect.  In a Moulood fullction, let the people sit with respect and reverence.  This function glorifies him who is the cause of light and colour in the garden of existence. Muharnmad is he who caused, by Allah’s permission a spring of water to flow from his fingers.  Therefore send peace and blessings on the Prophet.



Harr darrd ki dawa hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad,
Taaweez harr bala hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Mahboob kibriya hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad,
Kya naksh khush nama hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Kurr-bay Khuda ho ha-sil, jannat may ho wo darkhill,
Jisnay likha parrha hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Jannat moqaam ho-ga, do-zakh haraam ho-ga,
Garr dilpay likh leeya hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Uss-kee nejaat ho-gee, rahmat bhee sarth ho-gee,
Jo parrh kay marr gaya hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Jo darrd la-dawa ho, yay ghole karr pela do,
Kya nuskha-ay shafa hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Kaandha badal nay wa-lo ham raah chalnay wa-lo,
Parrhtay chalo rawa hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad.

Jaanay bhee day aram ko rizwa na roke hamko,
Seenay pay likh raha hai, sallay ‘ala Muhammad

DAROOD SHAREEF is a positive cure for all ills and pains. Peace on Muhammad, the beloved of Allah.  It is a duty imposed on all Muslims, to render DAROOD SHAREEF with love and affection to the Holy Prophet.  The passport to attain nearness to Allah, and to enjoy the beautiful gardens of bliss in heaven, can be obtained through DAROOD SHAREEF.  Indeed, the writing of DAROOD SHAREEF is embedded in the hearts of all true Muslims.



Parrho kalma Muhammad ka Muhammad naam lay lay karr,
Karo Islam ko ka-im Muhammad naam lay lay karr.

Karo jannat meyn gharr apna Muhammad naam lay lay karr,
Muhammad ko karo raazee Muhammad naam lay lay karr.

Tumhay ai mo-mino laazim hai hazrat kee itaa-at meyn,
Bajaa-o deen ka danka Muhammad naam lay lay karr.

Musalmaano kee khidmat mayn guzaarish ake karta hoon,
Karo tum kufr ko ghaarat Muhammad naam lay lay karr.

Umar Farook nay kaisee mita-ee kufr kee zulmat,
Jagaaya deen Allah ka Muhammad naam lay lay karr.

Swear allegiance to Muhammad through obedience to him.  Establish Islam through obedience to Muhammad.  Make your abode in Heaven through obedience to Muhammad.  Make Muhammad happy through constant obedience to him.  It is incumbent upon you, oh believers, to follow in his footsteps, to propagate the Religion of Truth.  I appeal to the Muslims that they should wipe away Rejection of Truth  through obedience to Muhammad.  How splendidly did the second Khalifa Umar – the distinguisher between Truth and falsehood – (may Allah be pleased with him) wipe off the darkness of Rejection. He invigorated the Religion of Allah through obedience to Muhammad.



Mayray mo-een hain Rasoolay akbarr, Salaatu Rabbee alaa Muhammad
Wohee to hongay shafee-ay mahsharr, Salaatu Rabbee alaa Muhammad

Wohee hai mahboobay Rabbay akbarr,
Wohee hai matloobay harr do aalam,
Shafee-ay mahsharr wo hain payambarr,
Salaatu rabbee alaa Muhammad.

Mo-een hamaara hai wo payambarr
Rasool apna hai wo dilaawarr,
Fida hun sau-jaan say uss nabi parr
Salaatu rabbee alaa Muhammad.

Wohee hain saaqee-ay howzay kau-sarr
Wohee hain mukhtaaray ro-zay mehsharr.
Wohee hain haamee wohee hain yaa-warr
Salaatu rabbee alaa Muhammad.

Wohee hain arrshay bareen kay taaray wohee hain rabbay jahaan kay pyaaray.
Wohee hain shaahay ghareeb parrwarr
Salaatu rabbee alaa Muhammad.

Janaabay Ahmad farishta seerat bahaar gulzaaray baagh wahdat,
Wohee hain arrshee wohee hain rahbarr
Salaatu rabbee alaa Muhammad.

The greatest Prophet, the most beloved of the Almighty God, and the intercessor for trangressors on the day of reckoning, is Muhammad Mustafa, my patron, Allah’s blessing be upon him.  He who is the luminary of the highest heavens, the greatest benefactor of the weak and distressed, is none else than Muhammad our friend and advocate. Allah’s blessiilgs be upon him. the most exalted and praised one, the c~rltivator of the flourishing garden of unity, the possessor of angelic qualities, the invitee to the Divine Throne, is Muhammad our guardian and our guide. May Allah shower His blessing upon him.
Farz hai hamparr Muhammad Mustafa kee ittiba,
Saiyadil kownain khatmul ambiya kee ittiba.Hai hama-ray waastay shamah siraato noor gowr,
Hazratay shamsudduha badrudduja kee ittiba.Paysh farrma-nay khuda-o nazd irrsha-day Rasool,
Ho nahee saktee kisee sha-hay gada kee ittiba.Ahlay sunnat parr muna-sib hai baa-irsha-day Rasool,
Chaar yaaraanay, nabeeyay mujtaba kee ittiba.Garr ghazab say qaaziay mahsharr, kay bachna hai ajee,
Karr hamaysha sha-fiay rowzay jaza kee ittiba.Manzilay maksood parrwo kis taray pahunchay ga aah,
Tarrkjo karrta naheen nafso hawa kee ittiba.Karr amal Qur-an sunnat pan yahee hai raahay deen,
Chhowr ibleesay qadeemal ashqiya kee ittiba.  

It is our duty to obey Muhammad, the purifier, the leader of the two worlds,  the Seal of the Prophets.  The obedience of the Prophet who is the morning sun and the shinning full-moon – acts as the lamp of our paths and the light in the darkness of our graves. We should also follow the way of the four friends of the Holy Prophet because the Prophet himself recommended this.  If you want to be safe from the wrath of the Judge on the Day or Reckoning, then always obey the Interceder of that Day.  He who does not give up the obedience to his low desires cannot reach the destination.  The correct path of Religion is to act according to the Holy Qur-an and the Way of the Prophet.  Stop obeying the Devil, the most ancient of the hard-hearted rebels.



Haajat rawa-ee hotee hai parrhna darood ka
Allah nay yay marrtaba baksha darood ka.

Marrnay kay baad khuld may, usko jagahmillay,
Jo iss jagaypay wird hai rakkta darood ka.

Jo kuch dua karo to bahut jald ho qubool,
Ai mo-mino asar hai yay parrhna darood ka

Hazrat pay ek darood jo bhayjo to das milay
Daykho zara sawaab hai kaisa darood ka.

Jo marrz la dawa ho yay uska ilaaj hai
Hamnay bhala asar hai yay daykha darood ka

God has given a position to Darood (sending Blessing on the Prophet) that it is a key to the solution of wants.  He who reads with understanding Darood in this world will enter the Never-ending bliss after death. The effect of Darood is that any desirable request is fulfilled.  If you send Darood on the Prophet once, you are blessed ten times. We have seen the benefits of Darood that it is a CURE for the most incurable ills.



Mayray Hazrat makkay wa-lay tum pay la-khon salaam
Duniya kay rahmat wa-lay tum pay la-khon salaam.

Toonay aakar duniya jagaaya, Naam Khuda ka sab ko sikha-ya,
Andhoun ko to rah dikh-aaya, Islam pay la-nay walay,
Tum pay la-khon salaam, Tum pay la-khon salaam.

Towheed ka danka too nay baja-ya, Islam ki ham ko rah dikha-ya,
Kufr say ham ko too nay bacha-ya, Mayray taaran ha-ray,
Tun1 pay la-khon salaam, Tum pay la-khon salaam.

Qur-an Khuda nay tujh pay utaara Meraaj ka rutba too nay paaya,
Nabi-ou kay sarr-taaj banaya Ai arrsh pay ja-nay walay,
Tum pay la-khon salaam, Tum pay la-khon salaam.

Hashr may qa-zee jab kay Khunda ho, Hosein kay iss-yah jab kay ayan ho,
Mehr ka mujh-parr tayree neegah ho, Shafa-atay mehsharr walay,
Tum pay la-khon salaam, Tum pay la-khon salaam.

Peace be on thee oh Arabian Prophet, peace a million times; You are a mercy to all the worlds, peace a million times. Your advent awoke the world from slumber and taught man the name and attributes of God. Your message gave’vision to the “blind”, lighted their hearts and stamped out idolatry.  The Holy Qur-an was revealed to you. The honour of going to Meraja was conferred on you, oh Prophet, peace a million times on thee. When Allah sits in judgement in the day of reckoning, remember me, oh intercessor; a million salutations be on thee.



Naatay Ahmad mayn karun kya mayra rutba kya hai.
Wasf Khaaliq hi jo farrma-ay to banda kya hai.

Jalwa ay noor nabi say mayri sairi ho ja-ay,
Malikal mowt say kehdo kay taqaaza kay hai.

Banda-ay Haq hun gulaamay shah waala hun mai,
Poochho to mujhko nakeerayn nay samjha kya hai.

Ai ajal mujhko madinay mayn pahuch jaanay day.
Baat banti hai mera tayra bigarrta kya hai.

Hamko wa-iz no suna zikray bahishtay do-rakh,
Ham gula-maanay nabi hai hamay parrhwa kya hai.


I am not worthy of praising Muhammad who has been praised by the Creator.  Ask the angel of death to wait and let me enjoy the light of the Holy Prophet.  Tell the Angels of the grave: I am the slave of Almighty and the servant of the king of the Prophets, Muhammad (upon whom be peace).  O fate, carry me to Madinah so that I would be successful. Olecturer don’t tell us about the Paradise or the Hell because we are not interested since we are the servants of the Holy Prophet.



Yay Haleema Kehrahi thee, mayray gul-azaar sowja,
Tayra jaag-nay ka sadqay, mayri jaanay-zaar sowja.

Tujhay day rahi hun lowri karrti hun pyar sowja,
Raa-ton ko jaagna hai meray hosh-yaar sowja.

Bani Saad ka qabela huwah-baagh-baagh tujh say,
Mera doodh peenay waalay gulay now bahaar sowja.

Mera dil ho tujhpay waari meri jaan tujh pay sadqay,
Mera noor ain sowja meray shayr – khwaar sowja.

Hai yay ain waqt raahat meray seena say lipat ja.
Aankhon mayn neend ka hai tayray khumaar sowja.

Hai, yay wa-da uska sach cha Allah bakhsh day ga,
Ummat kay maaray itna na-ho bay qaraar sowja.


Halimah was singing this lullaby to the baby Muhammad. “I will sacrifice myself until you keep waking. O beloved, so please go to sleep.”  O beloved vigilante of the night, sleep away.  The family of Bani Sad is pleased to have you.  O my foster child, sleep.  I am ready to sacrifice my life for you wholeheartedly,  O beloved,  your eyes are becoming drowsy, then sleep away.  Don’t be restless for the sake of your true followers,  Allah has promised to forgive them. So please sleep away.



Zahay izzat o ihtaramay Muhammad
Kay hai arrshay Haq zayray gaamay Muhammad

Kitaabay ilaahi pay eeman la-o
Kalaamay Khuda hai Kalaamay Muhammad

Ata ki darindon ko khu-ay Sharaafat,
Mayn kurrban tayray payamay Muhammad.

Yay Rahmat ki baarish yay purr noor ghariyan.
Hain aasaaray faizay dawaanay Muhammad.

Zamaana jhunka ja raha hai qadam paar,
Muqaddas hai kitna gulamay Muhammad.

Nazar aaya garrdaab mayn mujhko saahil,
Labon parr jab aaya hai naamay Muhammad.

Look at the honour given to the Holy Prophet,  the Sublime Throne is under his feet.  Believe in the Books of Allah,  it has the words of Allah told by Muhammad.  I sacrifice for the message of Muhammad which cultured the beasts like human beings.  The boundless mercies of Allah and the delighted moments are witnesses for the blessings of Muhammad.  The people are following the ways of Muhammad with humility which ; has made them pious.  When I take the name of Muhammad,  the seashore becomes the centre of the waves because of its eagerness to listen to it.



Kuch khabarr bhee hai kay yay kya ai musalmaan ho gaya
Rafta rafta dilsay gha-ib zowqay Qur’an ho gaya.

Maanta hai too kay hai Qur’an farrmaanay Khuda
Kis leeyay phirr aisee mermat say gureezaan ho gaya.

Daawaa-ay Islam laykin yay sulookay na-rawa
Harr musalmaan bay myaa-zay ilmay Qur’an ho gaya

Ma-na-o matlab samajh-karr ho-ee parhta hee naheen
Aahh yay kaisa riwaaj ai ahlay eemaan ho gaya.

Tarrkay Qur’an kay siwaa iska sabab ko-ee naheen
Jo na ho-na thha wo baycha-ra musalmaan ho gaya.

Laakh cha-hay ko-ee yay Qur’an mit sakta naheen
Hashr tak Allah jiska khud negehbaan ho gaya.


Why is it, oh Muslim, that the love of the Holy Qur’an has gradually disappeared from your heart?  You have the faith that Qur’an is the Word of Allah,Why then are you trying to run away from such a blessed gift?  The claim to Islam and this shamefully unfair treatment.  Every Muslim has become apathetic to the knowledge of Al-Qur’an.  Alas! nobody reads it with the understanding of the meaning and purpose,why this custom, oh faithful?  Leaving Al-Qur’an is the only reason why the Muslims have not made progress.Al-Qur’an cannot be destroyed regardless of the efforts made to this end.  For Allah will protect it until the end of time.



Jo mo-min apnay gharrmayn, mahfilay meelaad karrtay hain
Khuda Ko khush Rasoolullah ko wo shaad karrtay hain.
Mala-ik rahmatay kha-lik wahan lay laykay aatay hain
Bashar duniya mayn jis ja mahfilay meelaad karrtay hain.

Likha hai ho-tee jis weeranay mayn hai mahfilay mowlood,
Khuda kay bandagaana khaas usay aabaad karrtay hain.

Karo meelad ki inajlis ko kayam mo-rnino harrdam
Rasoolullah raazee hai hidaayat issay miltee hain.


Allah and the Holy Prophet are pleased with the Believers who celebrate the function of Meelad at their homes. The angels bring Allah’s rnercies over there, and Allah’s servants are assembled at such places. O Believers, celebrate the function of Meelad so that the Holy Prophet may be pleased with you and Allah may guide you.



Tishnagi ummat ki shafqat say bujha-tay ja-ayn gay
Aab kowsarr hashr mayn Hazrat pila-tay ja-ayn gay
Aasiyon ko kiskadarr ho-gee khushi sha-hay zaman
Khuld ka milnay ka mazda jab sunna-tay ja-ayn gay.

Hem gunah gaaron ki khaatir hashr kay din shaahay deen
Zayr arrshay kibriya aansoo baha-tay ja-ayn gay.

Dosto maidaan mahshar mayn shafi-ul muxnabeen
Ummati ya ummati keh karr bula-tay ja-ayn gay.

Kaam aa-ay-gi wahan hubby Rasoolay paak deen
Pull pay jisdam khowf say hem tilmala-tay ja-ayn gay


The Holy Prophet will drink the water of Kauthar on the Day of Judgement and will quench the thirst of his Ummat.  The Sinners will be very much pleased when they will be given the glad tidings of Paradise if Allah forgives them.   The King of the religion (i.e., The Holy Prophet) will cry for sinners like ourselves under the sublime Throne. O Friend! the intercessor or the sinners will call his followers on the Day of Judgement saying: “Ya Ummati”, “Ya Ummati”.  The love with the Prophet will also be helpful while crossing the Bridge.



Tayray dandaan hayn daray adni mayray pyaray Rasoolay madni
Sadqay qaamat pay sarr wa chamani mayray pyaray Rasoolay madni.

Toonay Kaaba mayn jalwa dikha karr downo aalam ko shaida bana kaar
Shaan karrdi ayan zulmanani mayray pyaray Rasoolay madni.

Rashk jannat hai tayra Madinah mushk amberr say behtarr paseena
Tayray qad pay fida gulbadni Mayray pyaray Rasoolay madni.

La-kay Qur’an rangdi Khuda-e meethay lafzon ki lazzat chikha-e
Shahd jannat thhee sheereen sakhni mayray pyaray Rasoolay madni.


O my beloved Messenger of Madinah, your teeth are similar to the pillars of the Paradise. O my beloved Messenger of Madinah may the beauty of the garden be sacrificed for your beauty. You shone like a beacon in the Kaaba and the creatures of God acknowledged your mission. Oh, what a glorious reformation? Oh beloved Prophet of Madinah. Even the Paradise has envy for your Madinah, and the perfume of your sweet self. O my beloved Messenger of Madinah may the beautiful flower be sacarificed for your beauty.  You have coloured the whole of the Universe with the colour of the Holy Qur’an a sweet taste because of its beautiful language that even the honey of tlie Paradise has become tasteless, 0 my beloved Messenger of Medina   And when you saw the misfortunes of the believers increasing You promised to plead for them on the day of reckoning.  And Allah has accepted you as our Intercessor, Oh beloved Prophet Madinah.


Aaj hai moulood akram assala-tu wassalaam
Rehnuma duniya mai aa-ay assala-tu wassalaam.

Jab huway paida Muhammad mushk kee aa-ee hawa.
Bharr ga-ee khushbu say duniya assala-tu wassalaam.

Noor paysha-nee say chamka saaray gharr row-shan huway,
Jibraeel aakarr pukaara assala-tu wassalaam.

Paida ho-kay sijda karr kay youn kaha ilhaan say,
Baksh ummat ko Khuda ya assala-tu wassalaam.

Ba-adab ho karr farish-tay marrhaba kehnay lagay,
Khud Khuda khush ho kay bola-aassala-tu wassalaam.


Today is the blessed birthday celebration of Muhammad on whom be Blessing and Peace. He came as a guide for the world, on him be Blessing and Peace.  When Muhammad was born, the whiffs of mushk came and filled the world with fragrance. The light of Prophethood and Truth shone from his forehead and lit all the homes. He went into prostration after his birth and begged Allah for the forgiveness of the community of Truth.  The Angels exclaimed with great respect, “How splendid.” Allah was so pleased that He said: “Blessings and Peace on Muhammad.”



Written by Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui (R.A.) Muslim Missionary

Zara chahray say kamli ko hatta dow ya Rasoolullah
Hamayn bhee apna deewaana bana-do ya Rasoolullah

Muhabbat ghair say mayri chhura do ya Rasoolullah
Meri sow-ee huwi qistnat, jaga-do ya Rasoolullah.

Ba-ro-zay hashr daykhayn gay waseela aap ka Hazrat
Harr-ik aasi-kahayga bakshwaado ya Rasoolullah.

Bari qismat hamaari hai kay ummat mayn tumhaari hain
Bharowsa deen-o-duniya mayn tumhaara ya Rasoolullah.

Andhayri qabr mayn mujhko akay-la chhowr ja-ayn gay
Wahan ho fazl say tayray ujaala ya Rasoolullah.

Khuda mujh ko Madinah mayn jo pahuncha-ay to behtarr hai
Kay Rowzay par hi day-dun-jaan ja-karr ya Rasoolullah.


Oh Prophet of God please look into my direction and accept me as your devoted disciple. Oh Prophet save me from the love of this world and help me to arise my slumber.  Oh Prophet let me be among the fortunate ones to see you on Judgemeny Day so that you may intercede for me in the court of Allah. I am very fortunate to be born in thy Ummat, Oh Prophet of God. I do depend on thee for guidance in this world so please help me. And when I shall die my grave will be dark and lonesome, but through thy light oh Prophet of God let my grave be illumined.  I pray to Allah that He may take me to Madinah and cause me to die besides thy Tomb, oh Prophet of God.



“Awwalu ma khalqal-laahun noori wa ana min nooril laahi wa kulli shai-yun min noor.”

Muhamrnad na ho-tay to kuch bhee na ho-ta Usi kay sabab say hai harr cheese paida
Na ho-tee-zameen yay falaq bhee na ho-ta, Muhaminad na ho-tay to kuch bhee na ho-ta

Ada aaj Muslim ki hai waalay haana khata ayn nigah pay hai manzar suhaana
Anokhi kahaani anokha fasaana suna-o niraala niraala taraana.

Na behtay samandar mayn paani kay dharay na unchay falaq parr chamaktay sitaaray
Na gulshan na gulshan ki rangeen nazaaray Na masjid na masjid kay oonchay minaaray

Na rnowla ki rahniat ka lutta khazeena Na Ramzaan ka yay muhaarak maheena
Kinaaray na ummat ka lagta safeena na ta-beerr kaba na rnakka madinah.


If Mohammad was not created nothing would have bccn created. The earth, the sky and everything was created because of him. Today the Muslims are joyful because of this beautiful scene. How wonderful is this? Let us sing joyfully. If he was not created, the seas would not be flowing, the stars would not be twinkling, nor would the flowers be blooming. There would neither be mosques nor the high minarets. The Holy Month of Ramadan would never have appeared unto us with enormous mercies of Allah, the Ka’abah nor the city of Madinah would have been built nor would the Ummah be successful. (Oh Allah! Bless Muhammad and his followers).



Habeebay kibriya aa-ay mubaarak ho musalma-no
Zameen parr Mustafa aa-ay mubaarak ho musalma-no.

Shahay harr dowsara aa-ay mubaarak ho musalma-no
Lo khatmul ambiya aa-ay mubaarak ho musalma-no.

Khuda nay jitnay paighambarr keeyay hai khalq main paida,
Sabhon kay payshwa aa-ay mubaarak ho musalma-no.

Thay jitnay ambiya mushtaaq, deedaray mubaarak kay,
Wohee nooray Khuda aa-ay mubaarak ho musalmano.

Khuda hai jis basharr parr khud fida, tashreef laatay hai,
Wo mehboobay Khuda aa-ay mubaarak ho musalmano.


The great beloved came. Congratulations oh Muslims!  The Purifier came to the World. Congratulations oh Muslims! The King of the Worlds and the last of the Prophets came.  Congratulations oh Muslims!  The Leader of all the Prophets that God created.  Congratulations oh Muslims!  All the Prophets were eagerly waiting to meet him. The Light of God came.  Congratulations oh Muslims!  He who is the beloved of God, is coming into the world.  Congratulations oh Muslims!



Khaatimul ambiya Haq ka pyara nabi.
Saaray nabeeyon say afzal harmaara nabi

Ashraful aumbiya hai hamaara nabi,
Wo nabi kown ummat ka pyara nabi.

Bulbulon nay jo daykhee malaahat teri,
Gul ko sadqay mayn tujhparr utaara nabi

Tum ho wo husn waalay kay Allah nay
Apna mahboob keh karr pukaara nabi.

Awr nabeeyon ki makhsoos thhee ummatayn,
Harr do aalam ka haadi hamaara nabi.

Shaafi-ul muznabeen hai laqab aapa ka,
Keejiay dard isyan ka charra nabi.


The final messenger is the most beloved of the Creator. Our Prophet is the best of all the Prophets and he is the beloved of his followers. The angels sang praises for our Prophet and said: “O Prophet, you are so handsome that Allah called you His beloved.”  The followers of other Prophets were limited but our Prophet is the guide for both worlds. The title of our Prophet is the “1ntercessor of the Sinners” because he intercedes for the sinners who believe in his message.



Taazeem say lay-ta hai khuda naamay Muhammad,
Kya naam hai ai sallay ‘ala naamay Muhammad.

Qur’an mayn jannat may sarray arsh saray luh,
Kis shaan say khaaliq nay likha naamay Muhammad.

Allah karay uspay haraam aatishay dowzakh,
Jis shaks kay ho dil pay likha naamay Muhammad.

Darrta thha gunaahon say mai rahmat nay nida dee,
Gaafil toe kahee bhool gaya naamay Muhammad.

Aakhow mayn basay dilnay rahay ho-thon pay aa-ay,
Taiba kee faza yaaday khuda naalnay Muhammad.


Almighty Allah mentions the name of Muhammad with honour. What name: “The Praised One!” In the Holy Quran, in the garden of bliss on the throne of Allah, the name Muhammad is written with such beauty and elegance.  Believers need not fear the fire of hell, so long as the name of Muhammad is written in their hearts, and the name of Muhammad can only find its way to their hearts if they are true and obedient to him and fulfil the principles of Islam.



Sarrwaray harr dowsara paida huway
Jin pay aashik hai Khuda paida huway.

Aaj fakhray anbiya paida huway
Ba-esay arrzo samah paida huway

Jo gunah gaaron ko baksha ayn gay wo
Ha-me-ay rozay jaza paida huway.

Jinka shaida khud Khuda-ay paak hai
Wo nabee sally ‘ala paida huway.

Noor say aalam munav-varr ho gaya
Jis gharee nooray Khuda paida huway

Kufr kee zulmat karayngay doorr jo
Wo shahay bad-rud duja paida huway,

Waastay ab aakhree ummat kee lo
Raahay haq kee rahnuma paida huway


Today is born the head of Allah’s creation. The Prophet who changed the course of history in just twenty-three years. The apostle who will stand to plead for his followers on judgement day; whose brilliant light has removed the darkness from the heart of all true Muslims the world over, whose Qur’an is a regular guide to the scientists of the twentieth century.  The Prophet who changed the unbelieving, barbarous, and wicked people of Arabia to peace. uliity and self-respect. And he can also change us if we are true to his teachings.



Sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (u.w.b.p.)

Ibn Umar reported God’s. Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as sayiug: “A Muslim is a Muslim’s brother; he does not wrong him or abandon him. If anyone cares for his brother’s need God will care for his need; if anyone removes his brother’s anxiety God will remove from him one. of the anxieties of the Day of Resurrection; and if anyone conceals a Muslim’s secrets God will conceal his secrets on the Day of Resurrection.”

Anas reported God’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him ) as saying: “By Him in whose hand my soul is, a man does not believe till he likes for his brother what he likes for himself.”

Abdullah-b-Amr reported God’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as saying: “Those who are merciful have mercy shown them by the Compassionate One, if you show mercy to those who are in the earth,  He who is in heaven will show mercy to you.”

Ibn Abbas reported God’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as saying: “He does not belong to us who does not show mercy to our young ones and respect to our old ones, who does not recommend what is reputable and prohibit what is disreputable.”


Rabi shrahli sadri wa ya sirli amri wah’lul ukda taminli sani yafkahu qouli.
O my lord! Open my heart, make my work easy for me, and remove the impediment from my tongue so that they may understand my speech.






Glory to 1 Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless,- in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who hears and sees (all things).

– HOLY QURAN, Chapter 17, Verse 1.

1. By the star when it goes down.
2. Your companion is neither astray nor being misled.
3. Nor does he say (aught) of (his own) desire.
4. It is no less than inspiration sent down to him.
5.He was taught by One Mighty in power. 
6. Endured with wisdom. For he appeared (in stately form).
7.While he was in the highest part of the Horizon.
8.Then he approached and came closer.
9.And was at a distance of but two bow lengths or even nearer.
10.So did God convey the inspiration to His Servant, conveyed what he meant to convey.
11.The (Prophet’s) mind and heart in no way falsified that which he saw. ,
12. Will ye then dispute with him concerning what he saw?
— HOLY QURAN, Chapter 52.



Khuda rukh say parrda uthha ta hai aaj,
Muhammad ka jalwa dikha-ta hai aaj.

Udhhar bay niya-zee idhhar naaz hai,.
Khuda apnee cha-hat dikhaata hai aaj

Muba-rak ho ai aasiyo harr gunaah,.
Shafa-at ka mazdah suna-ta hai aaj.

Habeebay Khuda ashrafay anbiya, .
Muba-rak ho mearaaj pa-ta hai aaj.

Wo matloob taalib hai jiska Khuda, .
Ajab shaan-o-shoukat say ja-ta hai aaj.

Naseemay saba-dam bura-qay jinaan,.
Sawa-ree ko hazrat kay aata hai aaj.

Na Kyun fakhr ho arrsh ko farrsh parr,.
Qadam aap ka uspay ja-ta hai aaj.


Allah is graciously unveiling His hidden countenance and revealing His radiant splendour and glory to Muhammad this day. In manifestation of affection, He permits Muhammad to sit in honour and dignity. Exalt; oh ye perpetrator of every transgression; for the glad tidings of intercession and forgiveness is proclaimed today. Hail! the most beloved of Allah, the most exalted of Prophets is accord distinction of ascension to the Most High. Allah’s most esteemed friend escorted by the B’urraaq through the heavens like the fresh and fragrant morning breeze.



Falak parr showr hai barr pa Rasoolullah aatay hain
Harr-ik arrshee yay hai kehta Rasoolullah aatay hain.

Bicha-o farrsh ankhon ka tasadduq jaan-o dilsay ho
Kaha Adam nay ai Huwwa Rasoolullah aatay hain.

Tajally toor parr daykhee jo thhee wo daykhlo issdam
Kaha Jibrell nay Moosa Rasoolullah aatay hain.

Jo thay deedaar kay mushtaaq Yusuf yay khabarr sunkarr
Yay kahtay thay dilay shaida Rasoolullah aatay hain.

Shafa-at kee ijaazat lay kay jab aa-ayngay mahsharr may
Gunah gaaron may ghul ho-ga Rasoolullah aatay hain.


The heavens are filled with the tune of greetings and welcome to Muhammad. “Welcome to you, oh Prophet,” the inhabitants of the heavens say.  Greetings are exchanged between Muhammad and all the bygone Prophets of Allah, who meet their leader with pleasure and happiness on this night, the night of the Mearaaj. When on the judgement day the Holy Prophet is given the permission to intercede for the sinners, they will exclaim with joy: “The Holy Prophet is coming!”



Bulaawa hai shabay mearaj hai tafseel say kehdo
Kaha Haq nay Muhammad say kahay Jibreel say kehdo

Pa-ay ta’-zeem haazir ho kay aata hai mayra pyara
Rakho haathon say apnay soor Isra-feel say kehdo.

Mayray Mahboob kee ummat utarr karr ja-ay jannat main
Bichha-day pul siraatay hashr parr Jibreel say kehdo.

Dochandan roshnee ho-gee mayra chand aanay waala hai
Rahay roshan yay harr-ik arrsh kee qandeel say kehdo.

Bulaaway parr bulaaway aa-rahay hain aarsh say akbar
Muhammad ko yahan laa-ayn buhut ta’-jeel say kehdo.


Allah asked Jibreel to extend the invitation to Muhammad (u.w.b.p.) on the night of Mearaj. Present yourself with respect for My Beloved is coming. Tell (Angel) Isra-feel to put down his soor (trumpet). Jibrell was told to spread his wings on the sharp and narrow bridge to Paradise. Tell every lamp of Arrsh to stay lit. There will be twice as much light because My Moon Muhammad ui.w.b.p.) is coming. The messengers are coming in quick succession from Arrsh to say “bring Muhammad (u.w.b.p.) quickly.”



Downo aalam hain noorun ala noor kyun
Kaisee rownaq fiza aaj kee raat hai.

Yay masarrat hai kiskee mulaaqaat kee
Eid ka din hai yay aaj kee raat hai.

Toor chowtee ko apnay jhuka-nay laga
Chandnee chand harsoo bichha-nay laga.

Arrsh say farrsh tak jagmaga-nay laga
Rashk subho safa aaj ki raat hai.

Farrsh kowno makan main hai kamkhwaabka
Hai yay manee kay sowna nahee hai rawa.

Sownay waalon ko akseer hai jaagna
Jaag-lo ratjaga aaj kee raat hai.

Barq say tayz hai yay buraaq aapka
Kyon kay Khaaliq ko hai ishtiyaaq aapka.

Ab nahee daykha jaata firaaq aapka
Jald chalna rawa aaj kee raat hai.

Wo habeebay khuda saiyi-dul mursaleen
Khaatimul ambiya shaahay duniya o deen

Bazmqowsain main hongay masnad nasheen
Jashn mearaj ka aaj kee raat hai.


Why are the worlds beaming with splendour, what a spectacle to admire this glorious night? Why such happiness, whose meeting is this?  It’s Muhammad the well-wisher bright. The mountain-tops bow down in adoration. The moonbeams spread afar and wide. There is brilliance and splendour from heaven to earth.  The voice of Allah is the universal guide.  The inhabitants of heaven are wide awake.  Verily, this night is not meant for sleep.  The gift of sleep is taken away as the buraq moves with lighting speed.  The Beloved of Allah, the leader of all, the seal of the Prophets, the King of the world.  He reaches the throne and completes the flight.  Celebrate this oh Muslims, this ascension tonight.



Mahboobay Khuda matloobay Khuda ai salli ala Subhaan Allah,
Aisa ko-e banda hai na huwa ai ssalli ala subhaan Allah.

Kya rooway munawwarr aap ka thha, ai salli ala Subhaan Allah,
Jis jis nay daykha wo sab nay kaha ai salli ala subhan Allah.

Jis looh pay naamay paak likha, harr harf mai chamka nooray Khuda,
Khush ho kay qalam nay dee yay sada, ai salli ala Subhaan Allah.

Mearaaj kee shab thhee wasl kee shab, khilwat mai huway mahboobay talab,
Baaton mai khulay israaray Khuda, ai salli ala Subhaan Allah.

Wash-shams hai rukh wal fajr jabeen, wal lail hai zulfay muskh ageen,
Qur-an mai kee kha-lik nay sana, ai salli ala Subhaan Allah.

Adam nay jo khowlee chasm yaqeen, nazron main samaaya arrshay bareen,
Naam aapka daykha uspay likha, ai salli ala Subhaan Allah.


Oh! The blessed one, the Beloved of God, the desired of God. Glory be to God. There has never been any Servant of God like you, neither will there ever be one.  What a graceful personality he had. Everyone who met him said – “Blessed be he. Glory be to God!”  When thy name was written on the Tablet, every letter shone with the light of God. The Pen cried in delight: “Blessed be he. Glory be to God.”  His face is like the sun, his forehead like the morning light, his hair dark the night. God praised him in the Holy Qur-an. Blessed be he. Glory be to God.” When Adam opened his eyes and cast his sight on the Throne, he saw your name written on it. O Muhammed Blessed be thou.




(There is no God but the One God and Muhammad is His Messenger)

Invite all, to the way of the Lord with wisdom and good exhortations and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious.
HOLY QURAN, Chapter 16. Verse 125

In order to attain to a Muslim revival. we need not search for new principles of conduct from outside, but have only to apply the old and forsaken ones.

Islam as a spiritual and social institution cannot be improved for it is already perfect in all aspects. Any attempt to change its concept or its social organisations is in reality retrograde and destructive. The will to resist the torrent of foreign influences must once more be activated. (Muhammarl Asad)



Duniya say dill lagaa karr duniya say kya melayga,  
Yaaday khuda keeyay ja tujkho khuda melayga.

Dowlat ho yaa haqoomat, Taaqat ho yaa jawaanee,
Harr cheese mitnay waalee,’Harr cheese aa-nee jaanee.

Yey sab ghuroor ekdin mittee ma ja melayga,
Yaaday khuda keeyay ja Tujhko khuda melayga

Aataa naheen palatkarr guzra huwa zamaana,
Kya khwaab ka bharowsa kya mout ka thhekaana

Kyoun zindagee gawaan karr kya fa-eda melayga,
Yaaday khuda keeyay ja tujhko khuda melayga.

Takdeerr jo dikha-ay chup chaap daykhta chal,
Eemaan kay sahaaray naykee ka raasta chal.

Iss raastay pay aakarr harr raasta melayga,
Yaaday khuda keeyay ja tujhko khuda melayga.


Be it wealth or be it power; be it strength or be it youth; everything will vanish as they will come and go. One day your proud self will also lie the bowels of the earth. Therefore seek and remember Allah, and you shall surely find Him. The past never returns. Do you depend on dreams or longevity? Why waste your valuable existence oh mankind? If you do you would lose in the end. So search for Allah and you shall find Him.  Disregard the evil inclination of strength and wealth, rather, be quiet patient; and with the aid of you faith seek the path of benevolence. path when found will lead to all righteous paths. So fear Allah, remember Him, serve Him and you shall find Him.



Jannat mayn makaan apna banaatay hain namaazee,
Masjid mayn baray showq say jaatay hain namaazee.

Ma-bood bhee khush ho-ta hai mahboob bhee ra-zee,
Sijday kay leeyay sarjo jhuka-tay hain namaazee.

Sahro zuhar o’asr ko magrib ko Esha ko,
Allah kay darbaar mayn jaatay hain namaazee.

Darrty hain qaza ho-nay say mit-tay hain ada parr,
Jaan apnee namaazon main lara-tay hain namaazee.

Kehta hai yay darwaazay pay daarogh-ayJannat,
Hatt ja-o kay Firrdows main aatay hain namaazee.


Worshippers build their dwellings in paradise,since they go to the mosques with zeal. When the worshipper prostrates in sijda, Almighty Allah and His Beloved Prophet are pleased. The worshipper is present in the Court of Allah five times a day, that is, at Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Esha. : namaazees are afraid of missing namaz, They spend their lives doing their utmost to read namaz in time. On the Day of Judgement, the keeper of Paradise will say, “Out of the way! the namaazees are coming to occupy their rightful places.”



Khaaliq nayn kya banaa-ee hai nooray nazar namaaz,
Andhera thaa jahaan may na ho-tee agar namaaz.

Parhtay hai khouf haq say jo baa chashm tarr naniaaz,
Unkay leeyay beechha-ay gee nooray saqarr namaaz.

Rehtee hai jinko fikr naniaazon kee raat din,
Go-ya wo parhhtay rehtay hain aathon paharr namaaz.

Kaano mai bas azaan-o-iqaamat to ho chukee,
Baaqee rahee faqat teree ai baykhabarr namaaz.

Unkay leeyay ban-ay gee yay gharr bahisht main,
Duniya mai jinkay dilmay bana-tee hai gharr namaaz.

Ha-zirr ho too namaz mai rakh dilko ai faqeerr,
Kuch tow samajh kay too hai kahaan aurr kidharr namaaz.


The institution of Namaaz (Prayers) as prescribed by Allah is like the light which removes all darkness from the universe. (Indeed the universe would  become dark if people did not pray). Those who pray with fear in hearts for Allah, will truimph over the fire of hell, and when they die, they will lie in their grave quite comfortably. He who constantly remembers his prayers (Namaaz) is like him who prays night and day. When the azaan is given it becomes compulsory upon everyone who hears it to hearken to the call and fill that duty. A home in heaven will be prepared in advance for all those who by reading Namaaz as it is prescribed by Allah have cleansed and purified their own heearts.  Oh Muslims! offer your prayers five times a day. Remember, no matter how strong or wealthy you might be you are woefully insignificant in the presence of your Creator and Master.



Yaarab sadaan darood nisaaray rasool ho,
Harrdam darood faiz maza-ray rasool ho.

Im-raaz kee dawa yay darooday shareef hai,
Aur da-fa-ay bala yay darooday shareef hai,
Maq-bool  kibriya yay darooday shareef hai,
Mahboob Mustafa yay darooday shareef hai

Afzaal kibriya-ee ka jalwa darood hai,
Aur mehray aqday aadamo hawwa darood hai,
Yaarro azeezo muftka sowda darood hai,
Haz:rat ki nazar karr nay koe tohfa darood hai.

Aashik jo hai nabee kay yahee unkay kaam hai,
Shuglay darood karrtay hai parrhtay salaam hai,
Bahray darood khaas rasoolay anaam hai,
Parrhtay darood unpay mala-ek tamaam hai.

Jannat kay darrka khole nay waala darood hai,
Kurr-see wa arrsh paak pay likha darood hai,
Kuch gam na karr soha kay maseeha darood hai,
Til jaa-ay gee bala kay too parrhta darood hai.


The reading or recitation of Darood (peace and blessings) on Prophet Muhammad, is of absolute necessity in the physical, moral, intellectual and spiritual life of a Muslim. It is our friend when friendless and a consolation when in distress. Darood offers a positive cure to any problems, worry, pain, sickness, etc. It is not sold as a marketable commodity, but it can be acquired free at any time through faith and practice. The sincere and beloved followers of Muhainmad take pride and pleasure in sending Darood and Salaam on him, as do the Angels of Allah and Allah Himself. The key to the doors of heaven is Darood Shareef. Therefore chant the song of happiness; “Allahumma salle ‘ala Muhammadin wa ‘aala aale Muhammadin wa baarik wasallim.



Khuda ya azmatay Islam kay sa-maan paida karr,
Musalmaano mai Apna ishq ai Rahmaan paida karr.

Mitay ba-til jahaan say millatay haq ka bajoy danda,
Dilay murrda mai Muslim kay Khuda ya jaan paida karr.

Musalman narga-ay agh-yaar mai muddat say hayn mowla,
Hamaari Fath-o-Nusrat ka ko-e sa-maan paida karr.

Chalayn nakshay kafay pa-ay Nabee parr, zindagee bharr ham,
Hamaaray qalb O dilmayn jazba-ay eemaan paida karr.

Na ho maayus too ai yaar apnay Rab kee Rahmat say,
Magaar dil may zara sidq O sifa kee shaan paida karr.


Oh Allah re-create for us, the atmosphere of Islam Glory. Let there compassion and love within the Muslim community. Let truth and right prevail over falsehood. Let there be life in the dead members of the Faith.  Muslims have been the victims of evil forces, let the light of Victory find its rightful place. Enable us to follow in the footsteps of the Holy Prophet at all times. Fill our hearts and minds with faith. The careless need not despair if they become alive to the Glorious Truth.



Khuda kee jiss kisee banday ko taa-at ho to aisee ho,
Rahay Raazee raza parrwo itaa-‘at ho to aisee ho.

Muhammad nay bataaya hai hamay Islam ka rasta,
‘Inaayat ho to aisee ho hidaayat ho to aisee ho.

Umar nay dee saza apnay pisar ko adl kartay mayn,
Reyaasat ho to aisee ho adaalat ho to aisee ho.

Tilaawat beech Qur-an kay huwa ai qatl Uthman ka,
Shahaadat ho to aisee ho adaalat ho to aisee ho.

Tayray harr shair mayn Hasrat baree paakeez-gee daykhee,
Nazaaqat ho to aisee ho lataafat ho to aisee ho.


True submission is that which makes each worshipper resign himself to the will of Allah. The bestowal of favour and guidance must be like showing the path of Islam by Muhammad (u.w.b.p). Umar Farook harshly punished his son for the sake of justice. If there is Law and Government, it must be like this. If there is martyrdom, it must be like that of Uthman Ghany, who was assassinated whilst reciting the Holy Qur’an. Never was the Holy Prophet forsaken by his companions.  If there is loyalty, it must be like this. If there is companionship, it must like this. I see grace and purity in your poem, oh Hasrat. If there is elegance and beauty, it must be like this.



Na ghabra-o Musalmaano, Khuda kee shaan baaqee hai,
Abhee Islam zinda hai, Abhee Qur’an baaqee hai.

Khuda ka shukr hai Allah ka ehsaan hai abtak,
Muhammad Mustafa ka seenay mai arrmaan hai abtak.

Har-ek soorat say qaa-im deen parr eemaan hai abtak,
Zamaana taaqatay Islam say hai-raan hai abtak.

Agarr tumparr falak tootay agarr tumparr qayaamat ho,
Agarr tumparr zamaanay mai museebat parr rnuseebat ho

Parayshaan kis leeyay ho kis leyay tum ghairr haalat ho,
Magarr gham kya Muhammad Mustafa kay tum to ummat ho,


Oh Muslims, do not panic, the glory of Allah is still with you. Islam still alive, the Qur’an is always at your disposal. Thank Allah for the manifold favours which he bestows on you. There remains in your hearts a magnificent ray of hope in the message of Muhammad and in your community there are still many faithful followers of Islam. The people are still puzzled over the magnitude of the strength of Islam.  Even if the sky were to shatter or calamities were to befall you, you should still not be afraid of sticking to the truth of Islam.  Always remember that you belong to the Ummat of Muhammad Mustafa (u.w.b.p.), the final Messenger of Allah. You should be proud of this alone.



Dila gaafil na ho yakdam yay duniya chhowrr jaana hai,
Bagaechay chhowrr karr khaalee zameen andarr samaana hai

Tera naazuk badan bhaee jo laytay sage phoolon parr,
Huwayga ake-din murrda yay keeron kay khaana-hai.

Ajal kay roze ko harr yaad karr saamaan chalnay ka,
Zame kay farrsh parr sowna jo eento ka sarrhaana hai,

Na beelee ho sakay bha-ee na bayta baap na ma-ee,
Kiya firrta hai sowda-ee amal nay kaam aana hai.

Ghalat fehmeed hai tayree nahee aaraam iss pulmay,
Musaafirr baywatan hai too kahaan tayra thheekaana hai.

Azeezo yaad karr wo din jo malkal mout aaway ga,
Na jaa-way saath ko-ee tayray, akayla tujhko jaana hai.


Oh!  take heed, you will leave this fascinating world some day. All the beauty and luxury of this life will be left right here. The beautiful mansions, the spring-filled mattresses and foam pillows will give way to the hard surface of the earth, with hungry worms under you. No family or friend will look for you or accompany you in your dark chamber. Oh man, take stock. This world is like a foreign land where we are intransit. Remember, friends, the Angel of Death will come for you some day just as he came for your beloved friends and relatives.



Mo-mino ik Roze iss dunya say uthna hai zaroor.
Za-iqa iss mowt ka ik rose chakhna hai zaroor.

Ho sakay jitnee ibaadat aaj karrlo dose-to,
Warrna kal mehsharr mayn pachhta-ogay Haq Kay Ro-baro

Zindagee ka kuchh bharosa bas naheen ai dose-to.
Hai jahan rahna sada saamaan tum uska karo.

Zindagee ko jaan lo kaagaz ki kishtee tum tamaam,
Aaj na doobee to kal doobaygee yaaro la kalaam.

Hai jo furrsat tumko issdam yay ghaneemat jaan lo,
Jo kay karrna hai isee mayn aaj karrlo dose-to.

Warrna jisdam mowt aakarr kay kharee ho ja-ay gee.
Aik dam mayn sarthh apnay tujhko yay layja aygee.

Maal-o-dowlat sabka sab yun-hee para rah ja-ayga,
Bas wohee aamaal ho hain saathh tayray ja-ayga.

Jis gharee wo haq Ta-aala munsafee parr aa-ayga,
Baap ma farrzanduzan ko-e nahee kaam aa-ayga.

Kaam aa-ayga naheem ko-e wahaan ai purrkhata,
Yay kay ho aamaal tayra ya kay ho sathee Khuda.


Oh believers! remember that you will leave this world some day, of a surety you will be made to taste of death one day. You should therefore serve your creator as often as you may, And leave no room for regrets on the judgement day. This wordly life is temporary O brothers and friends beware, But the hereafter is everlasting, take stock and prepare. Remember too that this is a paper boat on sea, To sink it will one day for sure no matter what it be. Make use of every opportunity before calamity comes, Do not postpone your duty make sure that it is done. When death approaches anyone, there is no time to act, Within a flash your life is gone, who dare deny this fact. Your wealth and riches remain behind, nothing can go with you, Except your deeds which you’ve stored, may Allah help you. When Allah calls for your account on judgement day, take heed!


S E C T I O N 4


Ramadan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur’an, as a guide to mankind, also clear (signs) for guidance and judgement (between right and wrong). So everyone of you who is present (at his home) during this month, you should spend it in Fasting, but if anyone is ill or on a journey, the prescribed period (should be made up) by days later. God intends every facility for you; He does not want to put you to difficulties. (He wants you) to complete the prescribed period, and to glorify Him in that He has guided you; and perchance ye shall be grateful.

HOLY QURAN, Chapter 2, Verse 185.



Barkaton say hai bhara harr roze shab harr subho shaam,
Issleeyay hai momino maahay mub aarak isska naam.

Iss maheenay meyn nazoolay rahmatay haq bay-shumaar,
Iss maheenay meyn kalaam Allah utra la-kalaam.

Iss maheenay meyn huway dowzakh kay sab darrwoazay band,
Iss maheenaym meyn khulay jannat kay darrwaazay tamaam.

Ayk naykee kay awaz pa-o gay sat-terr ka sawaab,
Taab maqdoor iss maheenay meyn karo tum nayk kaam.

Naaray dowzakh say bacha-nay ki-saparr banja-ayga,
Aurr rowzay hash meyn sha-fah ho yay waala moqaam.

Jitnee tujhsay ho sakay ilmee ibaadat iss meyn karr,
Jaanay aa-ay ya na aa-ay phirr tujhay maahay siyaam.


In it is poured the Mercy of God,
Revealed therein is the Holy Quran.
Verily this month is full of blessings,
Allah calls it Ramadan.
The cells of hell are locked for sure,
The Heavens are open wide.
For every deed there is seventy more;
There’s much therein to abide.
Your deeds of Ramadan will save you from Hell,
And the Fast which you have kept will help you fare well
So serve your Lord as often as you can,
For you may not see another Ramadan.



Mahboobay jahan hazratay maahay Ramzan hai.
Kya shaan hai kya shou-katay maahay Ramzan hai

Darr band hai dowzakh kay to jannat kay khulay heyn.
Daykho to ajab zeenatay maahay Ramzan hai.

Qur-an ka nazool hai isee meyn hai shab qadar,
Kya marrtaba kya izzatay maahay Ramzan hai.

Sab hukm baja-la-o tum awr ghowr say daykho,
Kya rahmatay haq aayatay maahay Ramzan hai,

Harr shaksko harr cheese say karrday gee gani yay,
Qismat meyn agarr dowlatay maahay Ramzan hai.


The month of Ramadan is the leader of Time,
What a glory! what a blessing! so sweet and sublime.
It graces mankind but once a year, to give believers all the cheer.
The doors of Heaven are open wide,
The hell is closed, and one can decide.
To reap the blessings which Ramadan brings,
In days and nights, the voice that sings.
Behold the divine reward (which) is to be,
For everyone, it is ten times seventy.
Came the Holy Qur-an in the night of Majesty.
To guide Mankind. the way to Piety,
Throughout the course of time.



Mubaarak sab maheenon meyn say Ramzan ka maheena hai,
Jo Haq kay fazlo lutf baykaram ka ik khazeena hai.

Khuda ki rahmatay ho-ti hain naazil bay shumaar iss meyn,
Kalaam Allah utra tha bahukm kardigaar iss meyn.

Dua-ayn jitni ki jaati hayn sab manzoor ho iss meyn,
Karay banda jo towba jurm say magh-foor ho iss meyn.

Farishtay aasamaan say baksara aakar utarrtay hain,
Zameen parr rowza daaron ki bari taazeem karrtay hain

Jo banda in dino ek farz ki takleef utha ta hai,
Khuda kay hukm say sattar gunah ajar uska patta hai.


The month of Ramadan is the most blessed month of all the months. It is a treasure of Allah’s favour of mercies.  Numerous blessings of Allah are sent down in this month. The Holy Qur-an was revealed in this month by the Permission of Allah.  In this month of Ramadan prayers and Supplication are accepted and if anyne repents with true sincerity, his sins are forgiven by Allah the Almighty.  The angels from the Heavens came down to earth and confer honour and respect on all those who observe the Fast of Ramadan, those who fulfil the compulsory duties in Islam are rewarded seventy fold.



Afsose to rukhsat huwa maahay mubaarak alwida,
Roro kay dil nay yun kaha maahay mubaarak alwida

Muddat say thhay ham muntazirr, shukray Khuda aaya to firr,
Parr haif jaldee chaldiya mahay mubaarak alwida.

Qur-an bhee naazil huwa hamko sharuf haasil huwa,
Ai wa-ay mayn gaafil raha maahay mubaarak alwida.

Parrhtay thhay Qur-an roze-o-shab kehtay thay subhaan loge sab,
Harr lahz thha furrhat fuza maahay mubaarak alwida.

Parrh-ta thaa sunnat ko-e jab ya ko-e parrtha mustahab.
Paa-ta sawaab ek farz ka maahay mubaarak alwida.

Ab kooch hai payshay nazarr aankhon main ashk aatay hain bharr,
Karrta hai dil aaho buka maahay mubaarak alwida.


Oh Ramadan you are leaving us today,
Our hearts are weeping, farewell to you we say.
For months we watched and waited in anxiety,
You came at last to lead us on the road to piety.
But suddenly we realised that you must go,
Your term has ended, a fact that we should know.
For everything has got an end except Almighty Allah,
Who made us all, the Master and the Creator.
Oh Ramadan, what blessings thou didst bring,
A1 Qur-an. the Holy guide, the verses that we sing.
The Taraaweh Prayers we offered in congregation,
We bowed our heads in Allah’s adoration,
Oh Ramadan, come back again, we hope to me you,
With weeping hearts we take our leave from you,
Our hearts are heavy, we say adieu, adieu, adieu.



Chiraag dil kay jalla-o kay Eid ka din hai,
Taraanay Eid kay ga-o kay Eid ka din hai

Gamo ko dilsay bhula-o kay Eid ka din hai,
Khushee kee bazm saja-o kay Eid ka din hai.

Khusha kay aaj hai sijda nawaaz showq ko-e,
Sarr niyaaz jhuka-o kay Eid ka din hai.

Eid aa-ee nae subho nae shaam kay sarth,
Aaj harr zarray pay chha-ee huwee raana-ee hai.

Khul gaya zabt muhabbat ka josh Eid ka din hai,
Kyun na ho rangeen jahaan Eid ka din aa-ee hai.


Kindle the light of your heart for Eid is come,
Sing songs of joy and happiness for Eid is come.
Banish the thoughts of depression and celebrate today,
Create the atmosphere of joy and put your problems away.
For everyone is happy to join the assembly,
And bow their heads together with pride and dignity.
A new feeling has dawned, a feeling of reality,
A feeling of intense love for all humanity.
Why, the world seems alight, the darkness is gone,
Come let us celebrate by prayers and thanks to God.



Labpay aatee hai dua’, bankay tamanna may-ree,
Zindagee shamah kee soorat ho Khuda-ya may-ree.

Doorr dunya ka meray damsay andhayra ho ja-ay
Harr jagan meray chamaknay say ujaala ho ja-ay

Ho meray damsay yunhee meray watan kee zeenat,
Jis tarah phool say ho-tee hai chaman kee zeenat.

Zindagee ho meray parrwaana kee soorat ya Rab
Ilm kee shamasay ho mujhko mohabbat ya Rab.

Ho mera kaam ghareebon kee himaayat karrna
Dard-mando say za-eefon say mohabbat karrna.

Meray Allah bura-ee say bachaana mujhko
Nayk jo raah usee raah pay chalaana mujhko.


My wish becomes a Prayer when it reaches my lips,
O Allah, make my life useful like that of a candle
May the darkness of the world be removed with my efforts
As a moth’s life is full of love for the lighted lamp
And may every place be brightened because of my illumination
May my country be beautiful by my presence
Like the garden is beautiful because of its flowers
May my life be as full of love for the lamp of knowledge
May my duty and actions always be the support of the poor
The support and protection of those who are weak
O Allah: protect me from the evil things
And direct me on the Path of Goodness and Righteousness.



Aah jaatee hai falak parr Rahm laanay kay leeyay,
Baad-lo hath ja-o day-do raah jaanay kay leeyay.

Ai dua’ a arz karr arrshay ilaahee thaa~nk ay,
Ya Khuda ab fayr-day din garrdishay ai-yaam kay

Dhoond tay hai ab madaawa sowzishay gam kay leeyay,
Karr rahay hain zakhm dill firryaad marrham kay leeyey

Rahm karr ai mayray mowla bakshday mayree khata,
Ham tujhay bhoolay hai laykin too na hamko bhoolja.

Khalk kay raanday huway dunia kay thhuk raa-ay hu-ay,
Are-ayn hai ham darrpay tayray haath phaila-ay hu-ay.

Khwaar hai badkaar hai doobee huwee zillat mai hai,
Kuch bhee hai laykin tayray mahboob kee ummat mai hain.


What an emotion is produced when we make this appeal,
Let the Cloud give way to our spirit and zeal.
Oh Prayer! convey this to Allah with humility,
Oh God! change the course of our misfortune and misery.
We are searching with forbearance, Thy benevolent favour,
Our minds are warped, but we will always endeavour.
Oh Allah! have mercy, and forgive us our faults,
We have all forgotten Thee, but do Thou remember us.
Rejected by the world, we are roaming here and there,
To Thy mercy we have come with our hands outstretched in fear.
We are unworthy we are sinful, we are down and degraded,
No mattter what we are, we are servants of Thy beloved.



Ya Nabi salaam ‘alaika, Ya Rasool salaam ‘alaika,
Ya Haheeb salaam alaika, Salawatullah ‘alaika.

Ashraqal badru ‘alaina, Wakhtafat minhul budoori,
Mithla husnik maara ‘aina, qat-tuya wajhas-sooruri.

Anta shamsun anta badrun, Anta noorun fowka noori,
Anta iksiroon wa ‘aali, anta misbaahus sudoori.

Ya Habeebi ya Muhammad, ya oroosal khaafi qain-ay,
Ya mu-aiyad ya mumajjad, ya immamul qiblatainay.

Main yara wajhika yas-‘ad, ya kareemal waali dain-ay,
How-dukas saafil mubarrad, wirrduna yow-man nushoori.

Maara ainal eesa hannat, bissara illa ilaika,
Wal ghamaam laka azallat, walmala sallu ‘alaika.


Oh Prophet, peace be on you, oh Messenger, peace be on you,
Oh Beloved peace be on you, may the blessings of Allah be on you.
A full moon has risen over us, and overshadows the other moons,
We never saw the like of your beauty, oh the face of gladness.
You are a sun, you are a moon, you are a greater light than other
You are gold, and high above, you are a light of hearts.
Oh Beloved, oh Muhammad, oh groom of East and West,
Oh Supporter, oh Praised-one, oh Leader of Mecca and Jerusalem.
Whoever sees your face succeeds, oh descendant of noble parents,
Your clear and cool fountain, in our goal on the day of reckoning.
We never saw the camel fall on earth, but for you,
And the clouds above shaded you, and the people prayed for you.



Ya Nabee salaam ‘alaika, Ya Rasool salaam ‘alaika,
Ya Habeeb salaam ‘alaika, Salawaa tullah ‘alaika.

Saiyaday waala Muhammad, Saahibay Taaha Muhammad,
Ai shahay bat-ha Muhammad, Salawatullah Alaika.

Haashimi tayra nasab hai, abtaha tayra laqab hai
Toohi haan shahay arab hai, salawa tullah alaika

Saahibay inna fatahana, kunta kanzan ka khazeena
Toohi hai shahay madeenay Salawa tullah alaika

Toohi hai rahbarr hamaara Sab ko hai tayra sahaara
Rahm karr sab parr Khuda-ra Salawa tullah alaika

Tumko ho raf-at mubaarak, Tumko ho hashmat mubaarak,
Tumko ho ummat Mubarrak Salawa tullah alaika.


O Prophet, peace be upon you, O Messenger, peace be upon you,
O Beloved (of Allah), peace be upon you and Allah’s blessings
O Muhammad, the great Leader, the Owner of the title “Taha”,
The “King of Batha,” may Allah’s blessings be upon you
You are the owner of titles: “Inna Fatahna” and “Kuntu Kanzan”
You are the King of Madinah, may Allah’s blessings be upon you.
You are the blessing for the world may Allah’s blessings be upon you
Congratulations to you, Your Highness. Congratulations to you, Your Majesty.
Congratulations to you, for a great following,
May Allah’s blessings be upon you.

  1. Allah[]