Trini-Muslims end fast with tasty treats

Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated tomorrow, with a public holiday declared on Monday. At the Macoon Street Mosque, Victoria Village in San Fernando, fasting Muslims have been frequenting the mosque throughout the day to pray, meditate and remember Almighty Allah. Since the start of the fast on August 22, many have been gathering at the mosque to break their fast with hot, mouth-watering meals prepared by a hard working group of women from the mosque, headed by chief cook, Hajjin Marilyn Mohammed.

From as early as 8 am, these women arrive at the mosque and begin preparations for dishes like curried goat, channa and aloo, pumpkin, stewed chicken, rice, dhal, mango anchar, callaloo, red beans, macaroni pie, fried rice, vegetables, fish and shrimp. To complete their tasty meals, cake and ice cream are served for dessert or a hot cup of coffee. For each day in Ramadhan, meals were sponsored by members of the mosque and other generous Muslim families. Last Saturday, the breaking of the fast and dinner were sponsored by Haji Mubeen Rambally and his family. Coincidentally, it was Rambally’s 55th birthday.

Hajjin Marilyn Mohammed, in picture at right, and several of the women take pleasure in dishing out food in the kitchen. Photos: Rishi Ragoonath

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