Turkish Fast food comes to Suriname

Recently, döner kebab, one of the most fast-food dishes from the Middle East, available in Suriname. After a few weeks trial run on Tuesday, August 2nd Royal Döner King restaurant in Paramaribo-North officially opened. Doner kebab stand apart from the several durum (Turkish pizza), saotosoepen, called French fries and rice salons and vegetarian dishes.

In the pilot phase, Royal Döner King has its own clientele. According to the Turkish origin of caterer Ozepek Huus, together with Menno Algoo management mode are among companies and organizations already considerable demand for Asian food. Especially because the delivery service during office hours. Customers can call and since this weekend to give their orders online.

The restaurant has developed a website developed by students of the college in Holland. They are both closely involved in the design and implementation of the promotion plan of the new fast food restaurant.

The two owners have the trial period from mid-June they say the teething problems overcome. So it was just finding the right suppliers every day tens of pounds of fresh chicken and lamb of the required quality to deliver. The staff had to be incorporated. But next week, the restaurant is fully operational, promises Ozepek.

Royal Döner King is located at the corner of the Haydn and Aida Street in the same building as the VIP lounge and ‘Royal Times Square which is also run by Algoo and Ozepek. This site is intended primarily for business presentations, meetings and exclusive parties.

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