Imam Razack Ali

On Monday 17th. November 2008  Imam Razack Ali (RA) passed away.   May Allah Bless his soul. Imam Razack Ali (RA) was appointed Imam of Nur-E-Islam Mosque in San Juan, Trinidad in July 1958, upon the death of Imam Gulam Hosein.  For over 42 years, Imam Razack Ali served the pastoral needs of his community  with calm, devotion, diligence and devotion.  He was well respected by all whom he served and by members of the wider community.  Imam Razack Ali’s (RA) message (still very relevant) given at the formal opening of Nur-E-Islam Masjid in 1967 is re-produced below.

The message is extracted from the 50th Anniversary Souvenir Brochure of the San Juan Muslim Ladies Organization.

Message from Imam Razack Ali (RA)

Imam Razack handing out a school prize

Today, the world is groping in the darkness of immorality, selfishness, greed and material supremacy, and very little attention is being paid towards social, moral and spiritual progress.

The question may well be asked: Are we sincere to ourselves as Muslims, and do we adhere to the teachings of Islam? I think that most of us are willfully or ignorantly disregarding the Qur’anic teachings.  Ours is an age of law-making and of law-breaking.   Never before were there so many laws and law-breakers. This has been term the “crime-age,” because of the disregard for law and order.

The Divine law revealed to the various Prophets is disregarded, the civil law recorded by our legislatures is ridiculed. The physical law traced by the Creator’s hand on the fleshy tables of the human body is lightly regarded, even neglected. The body, heart, mind and spirit of man today seem to be lawless.

The entire Universe from the sun to the smallest atom is controlled by law. And how marvelous is the perfect operation of each heavenly system and molecular group. We accept without question the law of physics, of astronomy, of mathematics, but we doubt the laws, which govern our very existence.  In all this vast is the single example of lawlessness and discord. The rule of life with many is: “live as you please. Eat, drink and be merry, take no thought about religious teachings.”

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (u.w.b.p) was sent to provide mankind with a perfect code, to work out what is noble and good in man, and maintain peace between man and man. It is thc duty of Muslims to preserve and maintain the laws of our religion.

The Holy Qur’an says: “We have shown him the way, he may be thankful or unthankful. If you do good, you will do good for your own souls, and if you do evil, it shall be for your own soul.”

Remember, what a man soweth that shall he reap. If you sow habits of indulgence and careless living you will surely reap a crop of miseries. There is no royal road to gain Salvation. It is only achieved by following the narrow path of obeying the commands of Allah.

I do hope Muslim youths will abstain from evil practices, and perpetuate the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (u.w.b.p) and follow his example. By so doing, they will not only do themselves justice by being loyal to their religious teachings, but will also inspire a deep sense of duty towards Islam. Only then will their children, have every opportunity to train themselves along Islamic lines, and thus grow up to be better men and women by taking their true places in Islam.

It is for us to choose the right path as laid down in the Holy Qur’an, to ensure that it would be followed by the youths and leaders of tomorrow.

We must respect and love each other and not hurt each other; desire earnestly to become a pure, perfect, humble channel for the spreading of Allah’s mighty spiritual, healing power to his creatures; help save mankind through prayer, not through guns and bombs. Let us build a better, nobler, happier, safer and a more beautiful place for all to live and work in, for all those that are dear to our hearts.

Let us pray for the establishment of a spiritual brotherhood of man; let us pray for love, for true peace, for the happiness of all people in this world.

May Allah bless you and keep you.

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  1. Na is Mohammed | April 11, 2021 at 11:16 am | Reply

    Well written history about Imam Razack. Very sentimental. Live in another country and long to hear his recital of the holy Koran

  2. Hazra Mohammed | April 30, 2021 at 10:20 am | Reply

    Razak Ali was my islamic teacher as a little girl. He was the most respected and humble human being that I have ever met in my life. He was a role model to all and lived a life of great love for Allah. He shared his knowledge of Islam to so many and this is how I remember Mr. Razak Ali. A noble and perfect gentleman and a follower of Islam. May he forever RIP and may Allah make paradise is abode as he is most deserving of this.

  3. Hazra Mohammed | May 1, 2021 at 9:27 am | Reply

    He was a great Imam whotaught me Arabic lessons in Trinidad. A model citizen.

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