History of Barrackpore ( ASJA) Primary School (1954-2010)

Rees Road Masjid and Barrackpore ASJA Primary School

Hereunder is a brief history of the Barrackpore Muslim School.  Thanks to Haji Hamza Mohammed and Haroun Khan for their co-operation in making this report possible. Apology to anyone who was inadvertently omitted. Your reward is with Allah.

Barrackpore (ASJA) Primary School opened on Monday, 4th October,1954. Its construction was conceived by prominent Muslim brothers in the community.They were Iman Khairule Imam Baksh (1st local Manager of the school), Saffir Mohammed, Karim Salaroo and Mohammed Ali,( May Allah Bless them abundantly).

On the first day 141 students were enrolled; the first one being Faizool Fakira, who , some years later became a teacher.  The first staff comprised: Hamza Mohammed ( Principal), Julie Mohammed, Mubarack Ali, Shaffir Ali, Ayoub Ali and H.T. Suliman. The following Principals, with the support of very dedicated teachers,guided the school to achieve resounding success in all areas of school activity over the past 56 years: Hamza Mohammed (retired as School Supervisor),Yusuff Muhammad, Shaheed Mohammed(Acting Principal.), H.T. Suliman, Mohammed Hosein (retired as School Supervisor), Ashrina Gayah(Acting  Principal) Subhan Jahoor (student,teacher, Reading Facilitator, Principal,retired School Supervisor).Kamila Jahoor and Sheriff Mohammed (Acting Principal) and Haroun Khan, present Principal.

Outstanding achievements: National: Lalla Trophy in agriculture-1968, Cricket finalist vs Tobago- 1980,Table Tennis finalists (Gail Rajack & Mulchan Juppy). Bronze Medal-1985.  Victoria Ed.Division:Cricket champion-1988 and 2007 Lengua/ Barrackpore Zone:Cricket champions , Athletic champions many times; 1st in Art competition; ASJA: 2nd in Religious Quiz. Girls Cricket Champion-2005. Some outstanding achievers: Noor Mohammed( student, teacher, national cricketer, coach); Daren Ganga( T&T, and WI cricket captain, Law student);Sheldon and Sherwin Ganga and Jason Mohammed( T&T cricketers); Subhan Jahoor( see above) Shaheed Mohammed( teacher, Imam); Azim Khan( Imam).Pauline Fakira( teacher, Alderman- Princes Town Corp) Over the years many of its students went on to prestigious Secondary Schools ……ASJA Boys and Girls, Presentation College, Naparima Boys and Girls, St, Stephens. Many have become Teachers,Police Officers, Businessmen, successful farmers and tradesmen.The past successes will continue to inspire the present and future students of the school.

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  1. Mr HT Suliman was an excellent teacher.

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