Dominica Carib Reserve Masjid Destroyed By Hurricane Maria

Inside the destroyed masjid

A temporary structure used by Dominican Carib Muslims as a masjid (a place of prayer) was blown away by Hurricane Maria.  The indigenous Carib people, also known as the Kalinago, inhabited Dominica prior to European colonization and settlement.  The Carib Territory, also known as the Carib Reserve or Kalinago Territory, is a 3,700-acre (15 km2) district in the Caribbean island-nation of Dominica.  The present population of the Carib Territory is estimated around 3,000 Caribs. Legal residents share communal ownership of all land within the Territory. The Carib Territory has limited local government in the institutions of the Carib Council, and its head the Carib Chief, which are the equivalent in power of village councils and council chairpersons elsewhere in Dominica. The administrative centre is in Salybia, the largest of eight hamlets in the Carib Territory.  There are a small number of Caribs who are Muslims. In this video report Shaykh Idris Ahiwa, shows the impact of Hurricane Maria on this vulnerable community. The structures used by the community to worship was rudimentary but functional and served its purpose. This basic facility is now no longer available to this community.

Outside view of masjid prior to hurricane.

Support structures in the masjid compound.

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