Desperate Pleas From Dominica For Help

Devastation in Dominica

‘The battle we face has brought us to our knees’

Dominica’s PM makes appeal to the world

Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit today made a heartfelt plea to the United Nations General Assembly for emergency international humanitarian aid to be sent to the island, which was hammered by Hurricane Maria last Monday.

He said Dominica’s 72,000 inhabitants were now living in a warzone.

He called on UN members states with “substantial military capabilities” to lend Dominica rescue and rebuilding equipment that “may be standing idle waiting for a war.”

“Let Dominica be that war, because currently, our landscape reflects a zone of war,” Skerrit appealed during his 17 minute long address to the 72nd UN General Assembly, held at the UN headquarters, New York.

“We need water, food and emergency shelter. We need roads, bridges and new infrastructure. But we also need capabilities of delivery,” he implored.

”The battle we face has brought us to our knees,” Skerrit lamented.


Call for help from Dominica Muslim Community.


Plea via What’s App

“People it’s getting really bad here!! Looters are no longer interested in food but instead they are breaking into everything. They ransacked a computer shop today.

I am trying to get my family and Myself out as there is no guarantee that we will receive any relief when it gets to Dominica! No one has passed by houses to confirm who lives there and what supplies are needed. Every man jack for themselves. I witnessed upstanding people in society loot and at this point that seems to be the only mode of survival.

My family in Canada have contacted the Canadian government but I have not heard from them yet! I saw a post from a tv network in Canada claiming to know 201 Canadians living here but your numbers are very incorrect!!! They seem to have counted mostly the medical students and they need to know that there are quite a few families here!

They also claimed to have a contact here however none of us know who this person is!

The Americans took some people today and will return for others and the British comes in tomorrow for their nationals. Please note that there are two airports and most the roads to Douglas Charles airport for now is impassable.

If you decide to send for us you are better off sending boats to each main port of entry as to get to Douglas Charles airport now can only be by boat.

I don’t even know if you need can use our bank cards! Flow, which is the only telecommunication network currently working has been dropping throughout the day and staying in contact with people has is like playing dodgeball. I must commend them though for their efforts as I know they are tying their utmost best.

The police cannot contain the lawlessness going on in the Capital. There are policemen everywhere but even they are getting attacked. The curfew of 4pm is in place but some people are not respecting it.

The smell of death lurks everywhere as animals that died during the hurricane are decomposing plus the scent of toilets that have not been flushed cover the air you breath.

I have two bottles of drinking water left, biscuits, milk for 2 days and oats. We will only last two days!

Today my landlord gave me some juice! We had oats for breakfast and dinner! ! I broke down for the second time during this ordeal not for myself but for my son ,niece and unborn child! I am in tears typing this cause for the first time in life I feel helpless!

If you have not heard from your families I feel your pain. Those requiring medical attention can hope for a miracle. My friend who is a doctor has been walking to check on patients the last few days but getting to certain areas have been impossible.

Right now I see one of three things happening 1. Getting killed by looters 2. Starving to death! 3. Dying for lack of medical care.

I expect tensions to rise even more after this weekend. This hurricane has destroyed Dominica and the Dominican spirit.”

Conditions described above have been verified by Shaykh Idris – Imam of Muslim Community in Dominica.  Government Authorities are reported to have regained security control in Dominica.  It is safe to send relief supplies.

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