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Moon Phases
Every community should have a group of people that commits to sighting the new moon each month. High-quality astronomy magazines and websites indicate the most probable day for its sighting. However, astronomical new moons and juristic new moons are not the same: the birth of a new moon astronomically is not its birth according to the jurists of Islam. This fact creates much confusion every year and could be easily resolved if Muslims return to the sunna of the Prophet peace be upon him, as he peace be upon him said in a sound hadith related by Imam al-Hakim, “The best of Allah’s servants are those who observe the new moons and shadows as a way of remembering Allah.” Although the hadith generally refers to the muezzin who traditionally fulfilled that function, it does not exclude others who partake in the practice of tawqit.   Check the Crescent Watch Website by clicking this link Crescent Watch Website.



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