Blessings Of Eid From Across The Caribbean Region

In a first, Muslim Communities from across the Caribbean offered the blessings of Eid (Eid Mubarak) to each other and the world via video.  COVID-19 isolated the local congregations from each other rather than the usual breaking the daily Ramadan fast communally in their places of worship (masjid /mosque).  To provide a sense of community alternative means to keep in touch with each other technology and social media played a critical role.  The Muslim Communities in the Caribbean region are taking it a step further to reach out to each other across the geographic, national, and language barriers.  The newly formed Caribbean Muslim Network is leading this effort.

On Eid Day, May 24th 2020, a regional Caribbean Online Eid Celebration is being streamed on Facebook, in another first.  Over 20 local representatives and international artistes are booked to present during this 3 plus hours marathon celebration.  You can view the live stream here Celebrate Eid with us.

Congregational Eid Prayer

Due to COVID-19 most of the Caribbean countries have implemented social distancing restrictions.  Consequently, masjids were closed for Ramadan and Eid. In some countries due to the low rate of infections physical distancing orders allow for gatherings but with distancing.  Muslims usually pray shoulder to shoulder, which is not possible.  Some members of the Grenada Muslim Community gathered outdoors (Eidgah) to offer the early morning Eid pray.