The Cry Of A Lover

Jabal Al Noor - Makkah

O Mountains of Makkah,

Why does the falcon

Perched on your ancient peaks

Raise its majestic head 

And let out a piercing cry

Carried by thunderstorms

To the lighted Minarets of al-Madinah?

Why does the two-humped camel

Memories of its ancestor

Proudly carrying the most blessed

Of human beings

Across the vast expanse of the desert

Traverse the sands where he rode

Lower its head in grief and shame?

Pilgrims on the floral rugs

Of the blessed Rawda

With longing hearts and tearful eyes

Prostrate, a prayer on their lips:

“Our Lord! Let us live by his love and the love of those who love him.

And let not our beating hearts for one moment be distracted by the abundant hate – for the love we carry, and the honour of his Lord – are like the falcon flying high above the wasteland, reaching mountain peaks impassable by ordinary men.

Peace be upon you Messenger of Allah; peace be upon you, Beloved of Allah!”