Trinidad’s Tajmool Hosein has died.

March 15th 2013:  Tajmool Hosein QC has died.  Hosein was the last member of the delegation that attended the famed Malborough House conference in England in 1962 to formulate the constitution, ahead of the country gaining its independence.

Originally from Williamsville near Princes Town, Hosein qualified as a barrister in 1946 and became an expert in constitutional law.

In 1961, he joined the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and stood as a candidate for Chaguanas in the elections that year. He won the seat and served as Member of Parliament for Chaguanas between 1961 to 1966.

Hosein was awarded Silk in 1964 and the Trinity Cross in 1982.   He declined the offer to become Chief Justice, and President of the Caribbean Court of Justice, according to those close to him.

He is the only one alive who attended the Independence conference in England in May 1962 that ushered in our Independence on August 31, 1962, after Jamaica pulled out of the West Indies Federation and became independent in 1962.

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