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The Tackveeyatul Islamic Association (T.I.A.) was the first aborted attempt at unity and harmony within the Muslim Community.  In 1926 it brought together all the Muslims of the island colony, urban and rural, literate and illiterate, clerk and labourer, businessmen and farmers all under one umbrella.  The alliance was soon shattered with incorporation of the returnee to the island, Ameer Ali with the title Mufti and his adoption of Ahmadiya teachings.  The organizational splittering of the Muslim community has since continued well into the new century.

    Mr Khalim Ali retiring Principal of TIA Warrenville Primary School was celebrated at an event held on Thursday September 20th 2012. In his feature speech Teacher Rakeeb Rodney Kalloo recounted Mr Ali's 40 years of contribution to education. Mr Kalloo said to his retiring Head Teacher "Principal, as you enter yet another phase in your journey, just know that you have truly made a difference at this school and in the lives of everyone you have interacted with. May Allah continue to shower you and your family with his mercy and blessings. In appreciation for your lifelong dedication to education, for believing in children, for guiding through example, for inspiring with passion, for living through loving, for leaving an indelible mark on the future, for touching the human soul, may the joy you have brought to so many, along with the gratification of a job well done, fill your life with happiness."  

     Mr. Khalim Ali at his retirement program

    Lengua T.I.A. School (1955)

    Through the instrumentality of some prominent Muslims in the community, representation for a T.I.A. , School was made in 1955. The foundation stone was  laid by the late Mohammed Abdul Ghany. The people in Lengna worked assiduously in the erection of the building. At the beginning of January in 1956 the Lengua Islamia School was opened.

    WARRENVILLE T. I. A School (1952)

    The Warrenville T.I.A. School was opened in September, 1952. The building, an annex to the Mosque was extended solely by the efforts and contributions of the T.I.A. members of the Warrenville Jamaat, under the Chairmanship and Secretary, Mr. Tahir Khan and Dr. Solomon Mohammed respectively.

    FIVE RIVERS T.I.A School (1953)

    History will chronicle the unique pioneer work of the T.I.A.; its achievement in the Education field and its .. leadership among the non-Christian denominations in the school-building and education programme in Trinidad and Tobago.

    Some years before 1953, the T.I.A. pioneers saw the feasibility of establishing an elementary school in Arouca and they negotiated the donation of one-and-a-quarter-acre plot of land from the then proprietor of Five River, Estate - the late C.A. Milne Home for the purpose.

    ARANGUEZ T.I.A. School (1951)

    The Aranguez T.I.A. School first started on the 1st November, 1951 under the Head Teacher, Mr. Jameel  Gaya Rajkumar. The first teachers were Mr. Abrahim Asgarali, Mr. Yousuff Ali, Mr. Solomon Mohammed, Mr. Shaheed Mohammed, Mr. Omar Mohammed, Mrs. Abida Chokolingo, Mr. Mohammed Saied and Miss Cynthia Hoseiu. It had an enrollment of three hundred and sixty pupils.

    Our T.I.A

    For many years before 1949, various social and  cultural bodies; both Muslim and Hindu made petitions to the Government through the Education Department for Education Grants to non-Christian denominations; but it was only after the arrival of the late Maulana Nazir Ahmad Simab, B.A. F.M. H.P. H.U. in Trinidad from India, that the petitions became more persistent and organised.

    Simab, a qualified Muslim Missionary, with twenty-two years of teaching experience, demanded that the non-Christian community of this country be given equal rights as Christians in all matters pertaining to Education Grants.

    Principal and competing students recall the moment.

     Quiz champions Raffina Mustapha and Majeed Mustapha proudly show off the George Cabral Trophy as unexpected winners of the quiz competition in 1942

    Founding Principal Mr. Nabab Ali recalls the event thus:

    "Four months after the school was started, an event of particular significance occurred. For the first time we entered a Quiz Competition among the schools of the St. George area. The competition was being held at the San Juan Government School, and, in those days, these competitions drew large attendances comprising parents, teachers, pupils and members of the public. The competition was based on Civics. The trophy at stake was a cup donated by the then mayor of Port of Spain, the late George Cabral. I remembered that there was one particular school which had the reputation for about :three years to cop this trophy.

    Our school was represented by two cousins - Majeed Mustapha and Raffina Mustapha. Since we were entering our first competition, we took great pains to prepare those two pupils. But how could we succeed in a.competition with such seasoned competitors! After all we were just four months old. I realized this was a great disadvantage to us but as the saying goes, there could be a dark horse in the race and sometimes there are upsets.

    That evening before a packed crowd at the San Juan Government School, the competitors from each of the schools took their positions on the stage. The system adopted by the Quiz Master was on the elimination basis. One school competed against the other until there were three finalists. We found ourselves among these three. Another round of questions and we knocked out our competitors. We were now two schools, the past champions and El Socorro Islamia. The excitement was high. The crowd was behind us. There was loud cheering as the Quiz Master popped his question to the opposing school. No answer. He fired another at our school. No answer. There was a tie. Excitement rose! Last question to the opposing team. No answer. The question was thrown at El Socorro Islamia and up came I the correct answer! We had won! It was one of the I greatest moments in the life of our school and this received high publicity in the Press."

    There are events in the life of an individual that stand out as a shining star in a cloudless sky, as he passes through the corridor of time. Such an event occurred on Bissessar Street in El Socorro. The date, 3rd March, the year 1949.

    A Deteriorating Muslim Society

    The following article was sourced from "AVOCAT MASJID SOUVENIR BROCHURE '79/80" : The articles author is N.M. Ghany then President General of Tackveeyatul Islamic Association Incorporated.

    The very word society means the more cultivated portion of any community in its social relations and influences. It is in this context that I am dealing with the subject matter above. People either by design or by a series of events acquire an ordered way of life which one could assume is the foundation upon which the society thrives. In the case of the Muslims the foundation was laid fourteen hundred years (1400) ago by the Holy Quran.

    Lengua TIA Islamia School

    Lengua Islamia T.I.A. opened its doors on January 16, 1956. The acting Principal at that time was Mr. Ramjohn Ali. Headmaster as he was called had a staff of five assistant teachers: four males, one female. At the start of classes 238 pupils were enrolled. Some of these first pupils went on to become teachers at the same school and today have retired from the service.

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