Nation Builders -Trinidad

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    The life of Rajali

    Rajali and Isahak, his elder brother, my uncle were together most of their adult lives, working and living together. They were as the proverbial "two peas in a pod."

    Goolam Hosein and Habib

    Goolam Hosein and Habib (Magran), two younger brothers lived with the family at Poole.

    Sahidan, the daughter of Peerally and Kosemeea, was born in Poole. She was the wife of Guljar Baksh. She moved to San Fernando with her family and set up a retail provision business and selling coal. She was the mother of seven children, Ibrahim, Asgar, Saphiran (deceased), Happia (deceased), Sackina, Ishmael, and Jeanette (deceased). Sackina is my mother.

    Sahidan, who was born in Trinidad, can best be described as a pioneering business woman at a time when the role of most women was that of the submissive subservient housewife. This woman, mother of seven, three sons and four daughters, decided that working for other people was not in her family's best interest or welfare.

    Isahak, the third child of Peerally and Kosemeea was born in the month of November 1887 in Phoenix Park, California. He was educated up to First standard level at Elementary School. At the age of ten, he worked as an office boy for a penny a day at Waterloo Estate. Subsequently, in his late teens he was hired as a trainee boiler-room attendant and lay chemist at Caroni Ltd. There he worked for twenty-two years as a qualified boiler-room technician and chemist. His thirst for knowledge was intense and was self-taught in his then career. He was well read and motivated. For some reason, his parents, brothers and sisters migrated to Poole to work in the Estates of Lyng, Prada and Bigesse, after the period of indenture.

    The life of Raismee


    She was very fair in complexion about 5' 5" tall, her right foot was deformed and looked like a club. You should have seen her speed in walking when she was annoyed. I asked her if she went to school and her answer was yes, then she started to spell and said RAT, BAT. She was a person with the skill to thread jewellery and a seamstress. She was well liked by the community as every day she had at least three visitors. One problem though when her visitors left I had to wash the chair/benches. She said that she was married to one Shah and had two sons Sultan and Hosein. Later she was married to Abdool Gafoor Khan and after he fathered two sons he deserted the family and migrated to Guyana. A regular visitor was her sister Sahidan of Drayton Street. When they met they would embrace and cry for approximately 5 minutes the same process in departure. Some time in 1914 she said her parents put her by Chotay Meah. How can one forget this encounter my hand from my wrist to my elbow was itching. I drew her attention, she said, "Like you have scratchers", I said, "This is cane prickles". Next morning she sent me to purchase six cents black disinfectant. She filled two buckets with water, one she put all the disinfectant had me staked naked and gave me a thorough bath with the mixture, and rinsed me with the next bucket of water. Since then I believe that's the reason I am so lucky. I am married to the most beautiful and caring wife, Zalina. We have three beautiful daughters and two grand children. The personality I speak of was a lady of reverence - the late Raismee, who died on the 26th December, 1983 at the age of 85 years.

    Trinidad, 1998:- Gareeb, aka  Abdul Gulab, was the first child of Peerally and Kosemeea. He was born at California around 1881.  When his father Peerally left California to do contract work at Poole, Gareeb, together with other children, except Isahak and Raismee, accompanied him. From there Gareeb married Jamoorath of Biche.

    March 3rd 1998 marked the 125th anniversary of Peerally's arrival in Trinidad.  His descendants marked this momentous occasion with a Peerally family reunion.  In this piece Zahid Mohammed, a descendant of Peerally, lovingly tells the story of Peerally and Kosemeea.  Haji Yacoob Ali, current President of ASJA is also a descendant of Peerally.  Note that references to particular persons state is relative to 1998 as with the vagaries of time many others may have passed on.  May they all be blessed.

    For 85 years they have been satisfying our cravings for sweets and KC Confectionary intends to continue for years to come.  KC Confectionary Limited began in 1922 as a cottage industry and has diversified and expanded today to a fast paced, people-driven company that is foremost in technology and innovation.

    Al Haj Imam Khairul E. Baksh

    Khairul Emam Baksh was born in 1922 in the southern Trinidad village of Barrackpore to his parents.  His father Dookie Meah along with his kith were the pioneers in this area.  With their own hands and funding from their meagre means they toiled together to build the Barrackpore No. 3 Scale Masjid.  Dookie Meah served as its first Imam.  Here at age 18 Khairul succeeded his father as Imam upon his demise at a communal turban tying ceremony, signifying the passing on of the authority of Imam.

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