Nation Builders -Trinidad

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    ‘Lives of great men all remind us,

    We can make our lives sublime,

    And departing, leave behind us

    Footprints on the sands of time.’

     This verse taken from the writings of one of the great English poets, aptly describes the late ex-Councillor Abdool Aziz of Claude Street, La Romain.  Such was his ‘life and times’ that this verse was perhaps written for him, centuries before his time.

    Reproduction of a tribute to the late Abdul Ghany, President General of the Tackveeyatul Association Inc. in 1951 by the late Canon J.D. Ramkeeson, M.A. as appeared in the Port of Spain Gazette August 28th 1951.

    To write an article about the late Moulana Nazeer Ahmad Simab of revered memory, ought to occupy much space and time, but to me, I can be brief by saying straight away that he was one of the greatest men that I have ever come across as an educator, philosopher, guide and pioneer.

    Quiet, soft spoken and self-effacing, Haymad Mohammed is a teacher, charity worker and poet. He teaches at the San Fernando ASJA Primary School and gives extra lessons at the Islamic Home for Children in Gasparillo. This Claxton Bay resident, who has been writing for the past 20 years, is known nationally and internationally for his beautiful work. His writing has been published throughout the West Indies, India, Pakistan, and South Africa. The last place he published his works was in the Fiji Islands.

    This is the story of Afro-American Muslims who served on the side of the British the Anglo American war of 1815 who were resettled in Trinidad.

    Sonny Daniel

    Sonny aka "mike man" of Pasea, Tunapuna, Trinidad passed away on November 7th 2009 at Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Canada.  Sonny was a multi-talented individual who demonstrated through out his life that the pursuit of excellence and community service are lifelong activities.  His nephew Barry honoured the memory of his uncle Sonny with the following:- 

    Dookie Meah - Founder of the first Trinidad Mosque in Calcutta Settlement, Freeport.

    Arrived on the very first ship to bring indentured immigrants from India the Fath al Razack. He is listed No 3 on the ship's manifest. Wife Sonia accompanied him, she died later. They travelled to Trinidad with their two sons Khuda and Illahi Baksh. Dookie Meah was a tall, extremely big and white in complexion. He was assigned to Exchange Estate - Couva where he completed his 5 years indentureship. On completion government offered him 20 acres of land at Calcutta Settlement but he accepted only 10 acres. This 10 acres is owned today by his great, great grandson Zainul Mohammed.  He also purchased 26 acres of land at Arena in 1904. He got blind at Calcutta but is reported not to be as a result of diabetes. He made representation to the Crown and was allotted a Crown Grant for lands to build a mosque at Calcutta (reportedly the first in Trinidad and Tobago). He was the founder of this mosque. Inspite of his blindness, he was the family treasurer and everyone gave him all the money for safekeeping. He trusted all and all trusted him. His two sons Khuda and Illahi Baksh as well as his grandson Kurban Ali were married at Calcutta. He completed building a house in Arena in 1910, but continued to live in an old building across the street. Ousman his great grandson was his "seeing eye" guide.  This information was compiled by Shahid Ali on research done by Abdool Aleem and Qamarah Aleem on information provided by Ousman Hosein.

    This 3 part documentary provides historical background to the building of the Nur-E-Islam Mosque in San Juan, Trinidad, West Indies. It also details the people and activities of the Nur-E-Islam Mosque Board, the San Juan Muslim Ladies Group and the Islamic Youth Movement. Nur-E-Islam Jamaat has been central to the nurturing and development of the Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat on the island of Trinidad.

    In this peice Sheik Hashim Muzaffar narrates the history of perhaps the largest congregation of Muslims in Trinidad that of the El Socorro / Nur-E-Islam Jamaat in San Juan.  He tells the story of the development of the Nur-E-Islam community and takes one back through the many individuals who toiled with their hands and gave of their wealth and land to build one of the pioneering Muslim communities in Trinidad.  May Allah SWT bless them all.  The piece is extracted from the 50th Anniversary souvenir brochure of the San Juan Muslim Ladies Organisation.

    Imam Razack Ali

    On Monday 17th. November 2008  Imam Razack Ali (RA) passed away.   May Allah Bless his soul. Imam Razack Ali (RA) was appointed Imam of Nur-E-Islam Mosque in San Juan, Trinidad in July 1958, upon the death of Imam Gulam Hosein.  For over 42 years, Imam Razack Ali served the pastoral needs of his community  with calm, devotion, diligence and devotion.  He was well respected by all whom he served and by members of the wider community.  Imam Razack Ali's (RA) message (still very relevant) given at the formal opening of Nur-E-Islam Masjid in 1967 is re-produced below.  The message is extracted from the 50th Anniversary Souvenir Brochure of the San Juan Muslim Ladies Organization.

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