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    The Shuttered Bug

    When she was 12, she got her first camcorder and discovered a world waiting to be recorded. Soon, everyone in the family expected her to be the one taking pictures, recording their gatherings. She edited her first home film then too, and has even done music videos with her cousins.

    For Maryam Mohamed, filming has been a passion for exactly half her life—she’s 24—so when she finished her BSc in Sociology with a minor in Psychology, she was thrilled to begin a double major in the Faculty of Humanities at The UWI; a BA in Film Studies and Film Production.

    For her dedication and application to her studies—she sounds like a model student—she was given the bpTT Student Award at the just concluded Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, a prize she is careful to point out is not for her short film, “If I could Fly,” but for her “studentship.”

    “A group of students from UWI film programme was nominated for the award (based on our GPA) then we had to write an essay stating why they should select us to go to the International Rotterdam Film festival and how will this benefit us personally and professionally. The award is sponsored by bpTT and it’s an all-expense paid trip to Holland for the film festival,” she explains.

    Image from the Magazine "Islam" Printed by Sadr Anjuman of Guyana in December 1942

    Picture courtesy Maulana Kavir Mohammed

    He was the second President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago between 1987-1997. A retired High Court Judge, President Hassanali was the first Indo-Trinidadian to hold the office of President and was the first Muslim Head of State in the Americas. He came to the presidency of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago with a reputation among colleagues for honesty, humility, dedication and for the consideration he always showed for legal practitioners while he served as a judge.

    Tajmool Hosein, QC

    Tajmool Hosein qualified as a barrister in 1946 and developed considerable knowledge in the area of constitutional law. As a member of the Trinidad and Tobago delegation, he attended the Malborough House conference and contributed to the formulation of the 1962 Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago.

    In 1961, he joined the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and stood as a candidate for Chaguanas in the elections of the same year. He won the seat and served as Member of Parliament for Chaguanas from 1961 to 1966. Mr. Hosein was awarded Silk in 1964 and the Trinity Cross in 1982.

    In its commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago's independence series the Trinidad Express highlighted the contribution of Mr Tajmool Hosein to this building the foundation of the nation task.

    This is a tribute to Syed Abdul Aziz (ra) published in 1946 in an Eid-ul-FItr brochure.  The tribute is on behalf of the entire Muslim Community which is signed by the community's surviving leading pioneers of his time.  Syed Abdul Aziz was conferred the title of Khalifa of the Muslim Community of Trinidad upon the abolishing of the Ottoman Sultanate and then the Muslim Khalifate by Kemal Ataturk the founder of modern Turkey.  Prior to that Syed Abdul Aziz was made Kazi (Judge) of the Muslim Community who earlier in his life founded the East Indian National Association and the Islamic Guardian Association. Thanks to Maulana Kavir Mohammed for providing the copy.

    In a message sent to the media on the eve of the start of the second Caribbean Invitational Volleyball League at the Jean Pierre Complex, Mohammed said, “today we celebrate another milestone in the history of our volleyball era with the hosting of this event.”

    “We are also celebrating 50 years of our organization since we became recognized by the T & T Olympic Committee.”

    “We have indeed progress and we are definitely one of the top Volleyball Association in the Caribbean. As an organization, we have our struggles to stay afloat but the support received by the membership and the volunteers is what gave us fuel to continue.”
    “In reflection on our 50 year history, we must recognize the service of some of our members like Raphael Hosein, past president (24 years) Peter Mungal, past president and national coach, Macsood Ali, national player and coach, Curtis Burkette, national captain and coach and more recently Gideon Dickson, national player and national coach, Nolan Tash and Krystle Esdelle our current national captains.”
    “Although I am able to name a few here, it is by no means an attempt to sideline the involvement of any other person since we have all made significant contributions over the years.”
    “As we turn our focus to the hosting of the Caribbean League, it is my best wishes to all the participating clubs and players to bring this event to our shores. The hosting of this event is already a success since we were able to attract players from our Caribbean neighbors  to participate as colleagues in one event.”
    “I want to thank the Local Organizing Committee for their work and involvement in the competition, which one day can become self sustainable and grow into a professional league.”

    M.P. Alladin was born in 1919 in Tacarigua. He was the second of five children, three sisters and a brother. Alladin was an orthodox Muslim, fluent in Urdu, Hindi and Arabic. He was one of the leading artists in this country who was well-known internationally for his work in Art and Art Education. For this reason he was regularly invited to present lectures and participated in international conferences. Alladin belonged to a creative family, whose father was a craftsman who excelled in drumming and music. 

    Haji Sheik Mohamed Shafik Rahaman (R.A.) was born in San Fernando, Trinidad on 15th May, 1917 and died on 29th March 1984 at age sixty-six. A devout Muslim, his father was the late Hafiz Yacoob Ali (R.A.) and his mother, the late Hajjin Sakina Ali (R.A.). The late Haji Shafik's father was the first Trinidadian to be the Hafiz of Qur'an (one who recites the Holy Qur'an by heart). His mother, the late Hajjin Sakina Ali (R.A.), bore two sons by her husband, the late Mohammed Fazlur Rahman (R.A.) of San Fernando, and the above named Haji Sheik Mohamed Shafik Rahaman (R.A.), who became an entrepreneur and Religious Leader. The late Hajjin Sakina Ali (R.A.) served her community well and cared for many whom she nurtured and guided to adulthood with sound Islamic beliefs and practices.

    Naz Baksh, a teacher at Debe Secondary School, Trinidad, explains and demonstrates the construction and use of a robotic arm made with syringes.  He also blows away the myth that teaching and learning is not fun.

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