Tribute to Maulana Siddiq Ahmed Nasir

    An audience made up of persons who trace their origins to Guyana and Trinidad recently gathered at Malton Islamic Centre, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada,  to pay tribute to Maulana Siddiq Ahmed Nasir (pictured below).  The event was hosted by Mohamed Sadruddin Usman (Br. Sadro) and Sheikh Khaleel Ahmad.  Speeches reflecting and reminiscing upon the life of Maulana Siddiq were delivered by his contemporaries.    Amongst those present were fellow Guyanese Shaykh Faisal Abdur Razack, Imam of the Islamic Forum of Toronto, Shaykh Zahir Bacchus of Lote Tree Foundation of Brampton, Muneeb Nasir, President of the Olive Tree Foundation , Maulana Habeeb Ally of the North American Muslim Foundation,  Mr. Tallim Bacchus of Human Concern International and Haji Omar Farouk, President of IMO of Toronto. Maulana Siddiq also presented his audience with a timely reminder on the foundational need for fostering well balanced families in order to build great societies.  Brother Fazil Yusuf co-Chair of the CIOG Support group, on whose invitation Maulana Siddiq was present in Toronto, also highlighted the social and religious work of CIOG in Guyana.

    Maulana Siddiq Nasir speaking on The Family at a tribute to him held in Toronto

    Maulana Nazir Ahmad Simab

    Maulana Nazir Ahmad Simab (RA) served as a missionary to the Muslims of Trinidad in the  second half of the 1930s to early 1940s.

    Dr. Syed Husain Pasha

    Dr. Syed Husain Pasha is an educator, scholar, mentor, organizer and community leader of exceptional talent, training and experience. His background combines authentic traditional Islamic education and training with a Ph.D. from one of the premier research universities in the West. His lectures, seminars, camps, community clean-up and other programs and activities provide extraordinary training, education and motivation in Islam and in life in general.

    Dr. Muhammad Fazlur Rahman Ansari (R.A)

       A theologian of rare calibre missionary of unique distinction, a scholar of multidimensional capabilities, a spiritual leader of recognised eminence, Maulana Dr. Ansari not only set a personal example for the Muslim Community but has also bequeathed to posterity his magnum opus “ The Quranic Foundation of Structure of Muslim Society” which being the outcome of his life along labours, deserves serious study be each and every Muslim.

    For one hundred years the Muslims in Guyana were completely isolated from their country of origin. They struggled against great odds to maintain their Islamic identity in a society that was highly prejudiced against Islam. The Muslims built Masjids, founded organizations, and were able to command respect from all denominations in Guyana.

    The first Moulana came in 1937,  and as from the 1960s many Moulanas came from Barbados, UK, Canada, India, Pakistan and other parts of the world with the Tablighi Jamaat. 

    Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui visit to Trinidad in 1950 accompanied by his student and secretary, Dr. Muhammad Fazlur Rahman Ansari al-Qadiri, lasted for six months as part of his world tour. The presence of His Eminence for such as sustained and intensive period had a profound impact on Islam in the West Indies and indeed it created a generation of highly skilled Muslim Theologians, Imams, leaders and intellectuals most of whom became the spiritual disciples (murideen) of His Eminence.

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