Grenada Islamic Foundation was registered by the Act of Parliament of Grenada in 1994. Islam is the only other recognized religion after Christianity. There are approximately 300+ resident Muslims in Grenada, including about 100 Indian Gujrati immigrants and 120+  medical students coming originally from  US, Canada, UK and other countries.

    The nascent Muslim Community of Grenada has been able to lay down a foundation for the future generations to be able to have the infrastructure to sustain the practice of faith as well as to experience the bond of community.  Over the past four decades the community has had many obstacles and challenges to overcome.  Despite its small scale it has been able to maintain its existence with a bit of help from the larger Muslim Community of Trinidad.  Here Azam Rahaman, who has been a part of this battle of endurance, reviews the recent history of Grenadian Muslims to sustain faith and community.

    The indentured labour scheme was directly responsible for the establishment of a permanent Indian community in Grenada during the late nineteenth century. From that period to the present, Indians have become completely incorporated into Grenada’s society. In every aspect of Grenadian life, Indians have identified with it, participated in it and contributed to it. This degree of identification and participation results from the cultural integration of Indians, which in turn, has led to their acceptance by the wider society. Also, the nature of race relations between Indians and the dominant Afro-Grenadian population was and continues to be peaceful. The Indian community did not pose an economic threat to the African population and therefore created a situation of very limited racial tension. In addition, the process of cultural integration between both groups facilitated a new interactive platform for communication on terms which did not previously exist. This common cultural platform, which intensified during the twentieth century, brought both races closer. The above discussion clearly demonstrates that the Indian community have progressed from the status of immigrants or transient migrants to permanent citizens of Grenada. 

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